The Best New Balance Hiking Boots for Men and Women

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Hiking boots aren't the same from one manufacturer to the next. Nor do hiking boots for men and women have the same shape, fit, and design all around. New Balance hiking boots come in various sizes and ankle heights, and they offer a range of characteristics to select from as well. These factors are specifically for men and women hikers looking for the best boots.

New Balance Hiking Boots Comparison Table

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When it comes to hiking, comfort is a top priority many people forget. Consumers want to check all the right boxes and choose the boots that experts claim are the best. However, they forget that their comfort and safety is just as (if not more) important than expert claims. Besides a comfortable fit, other factors are also essential for hikers to consider when choosing boots. Ankle support, gripability, waterproofing, and breathability are some additional characteristics hikers should also consider. Instead of buying the "number-one rated" hiking boot, step back and examine your specific criteria alongside what the experts say.

How to Choose New Balance Hiking Boots

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​When buying a pair of New Balance hiking boots, men and women should consider several boot characteristics. Fit, comfort, design, height, and gripability, are some of these factors. Of course, the price is essential to most hikers. It's also important to look for a pair of boots with a waterproof or a weatherproof membrane.

Types of Hiking Boots

There are three main types of hiking boots to choose from when buying New Balance hiking boots. The first is the light hiking shoe. This style is similar to a running shoe. However, it's more rugged for off-trail hiking. They're ultra-light, provide ankle support, and are great for day hikes. These shoes are best for shorter hiking excursions.

Backpacking boots are another option to consider. These boots are best for on and off-trail hiking. They have a rugged outsole and are more durable to withstand longer hikes.

The mountaineering boot is for rocky, glacial, or snowy paths. This boot features a deep tread, Gore-tex (or waterproof membrane), and features a sturdy outsole. They can withstand difficult terrains and are built to handle heavy loads.

Outer, Midsole, and ​Upper

Another aspect hikers should consider when comparing New Balance hiking boots is the material finishes throughout the boot. For the upper portion, heavy grain leathers or synthetic materials are often materials manufacturers incorporate in the design. Lightweight polyester and breathable materials are ideal for longer hikes to help keep feet dry. Leather, however, is best for waterproofing.

Midsoles are the area where hikers step, so this inner liner should be comfortable. EVA midsoles are a standard material. New Balance also manufactures their insoles. Comfort, pressure relief, and other designs are available for hikers to choose from when buying hiking boots. Some hikers might also need podiatric or custom-fit midsoles for different foot conditions. Every hiker is different, so it's best to try on several pairs to find the best fit.

Outsoles are the area that contacts the ground on hikes. Boots with deeper lugs and tread are great for off-trail hikes, wet, and muddy grounds. A heel brake is also a nice feature that helps reduce chances of slipping or falling on the slippery terrain.

​Features of the best New Balance ​Hiking ​Boots

The more characteristics hiking boots contain, the better, right? In some cases, more is better. However, when choosing New Balance hiking boots, hikers should look for essential traits, rather than more. Some of the critical aspects to look for include:

  • ​Lightweight materials
  • ​Waterproof exterior
  • ​Breathable design (mesh paneling)
  • ​Stability and protection
  • ​Load support for off-trail hiking, or uneven ground/terrains.

Although these aren't the only attributes hikers should look for, they're essential to the hiking boot's stability, structure, and comfort.

How We Reviewed New Balance Hiking Boots

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​We reviewed the best hiking boots for men and women. In our review, we included details about the design, comfort, gripability, and overall support of these products. We also compared boots in different price ranges, so every hiker can choose a pair that fits their budget. The products we compare offer an extensive list of characteristics that set them apart from competitor's products. Durability, breathability, comfort, and material finish were some of the design features we mention in our review.

Average Price of New Balance Hiking Boots

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Hiking boot prices vary between men and women's product lines. Customers have to know where to shop for boots also. Different websites offer different prices for the products available online. 

The Best New Balance Hiking Boots Available

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​There are numerous hiking boots available for men and women. Although the price is a relevant factor, overall quality, design, and comfort are areas hikers should consider first. These are some of the best New Balance hiking boots available for men and women to select.

Women's New Balance ​Hiking ​Boots

When purchasing new hiking boots, women don't have as many options as men with most brands. That's not the case with New Balance. These are a few of the best options available for women.

New Balance WM1400v1 Walking Shoe

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The synthetic upper material is breathable, and this boot features a 5-inch distance from the shaft to the arch. The rubber outsole has a 0.75-inch platform. This design allows hikers to walk through wet or muddy ground easily, limiting slipping and falling on slippery surfaces. The high ankle design helps prevent ankle rolling and injuries.

The midsole has an interior heel cushion to increase comfort levels for hikers as well. An EVA molded insole conforms to the hiker's feet, for all-day comfort and usability.

One reviewer indicates the boots aren't breathable and get warm quickly. They also suggest that the toe box area is narrow for women with wide-width feet.

New Balance 779v1 Trail Walking Shoe

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The leather finish of these hiking boots makes them waterproof. They also feature a rubber outsole, making them perfect for all-weather hiking. A nylon shank helps give a more comfortable fit, creating a breathable finish throughout the boots.

A low-top arch makes these boots ideal for shorter day hikes or a weekend retreat. They don't protect as much from ankle rolling. However, they do afford hikers a great deal of mobility. The lugged outsole also helps in wet, muddy, or uneven terrain, assisting hikers to dig their feet into the ground.

The overall design of the boot fits well for most reviewers. One reviewer, however, indicates the toe-box area is too narrow. She had to return them because this design flaw made for an uncomfortable fit.

New Balance 1400 Women Hiking Boot

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This boot has an interior design that makes it feel like a walking shoe. The fit helps increase comfort levels, allowing women to hike longer without their body feeling worn down. The ROLLBAR technology provides rear foot and midsole stability. This design helps keep feet on the right path.

​The boot also features a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions. A gusseted tongue and leather upper ensure high levels of breathability for hikers as well.

One reviewer indicates the boot didn't last very long. Additionally, they suggest the sizing is smaller than average, so consumers should consider buying a larger size than usual.

New Balance 1300v1 Hiking Shoe

New Balance 1300v1 Hiking Shoe

This boot features a leather and synthetic upper material blend providing a waterproof finish and breathable comfort. There's a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry in all hiking conditions. The lace-up closure and protective toe overlay protect feet on all hiking trails.

The boot features a padded tongue to help increase wearability and comfort, especially when owners tie the laces tightly. The boot features ROLLBAR technology and a rubber outsole. They also weigh less than 15 ounces. This design allows hikers to move around freely in these lightweight shoes.

One reviewer indicates the sizing of these hiking shoes is off. She noted that without even standing, she could feel they were tight throughout the shoe's length.

Men's New Balance ​Hiking ​Boots

There are numerous great products available for men when choosing new hiking boots. These are some of the best options available in the New Balance hiking boots men's line.

New Balance 1400v1 Men's Walking Shoe

New Balance 1400v1 Men's Walking Shoe

This boot features a leather textile upper material finish. It has a waterproof membrane and rubber outsole providing hikers excellent traction on wet trails. The shaft measures approximately 6 inches from the arch, and the boot has a 1-inch platform in the heel.

It has a compression molded EVA midsole. This design conforms to the wearer's foot to help increase grounding, stability, and comfort. A Thinsulate lining helps keeps hikers warm as temperatures decrease overnight or during colder seasons of the year.

One reviewer indicates they aren't happy with the quality. The outsole of these shoes broke apart after only a few uses.

New Balance 779v1 Hiking Shoe

New Balance 779v1 Hiking Shoe

This trail walking shoe has a neutral cushioning and suede upper material that's highly breathable. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction for hiking on uneven, muddy, or wet hiking trails. The ABZORB midsole is lightweight and similar to EVA midsoles that conform to the wearer's feet to increase comfort.

A nylon shank helps create a more comfortable, breathable shoe, for long periods of wear. The lugged outsole also makes it easier for hikers to dig their heels into rugged trails.

Reviewers indicate the quality of the trail shoes is excellent. They do, however, suggest ordering at least one size larger than average sizes because the shoes are narrow.

New Balance Tactical Rappel Mid Hiking Shoe

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The hiking shoe features a synthetic upper finish. The material is suede and air mesh, so hikers' feet breathe easy in warm hiking conditions. The shaft measures approximately 4 inches from the arch, and the hiking shoe has a rubber outsole.

An Ortholite footbed runs throughout the entire length of the hiking shoe. It is lightweight, breathable, and owners can remove it when they need to clean it.

In this review, the customer indicates the size is tiny and too narrow across the arch. Because of this, the hiking shoe was unwearable.

New Balance MW978

New Balance MW978

This hiking boot has a nubuck upper finish, Gore-tex membrane, and a rubber outsole. ABZORB cushioning provides hikers with a comfortable landing bed for their feet. The boot also has a built-in OL-1 last. This design features a narrow heel, high instep, and a deep toe-box area.

The polyurethane insert provides excellent cushioning throughout the entire length of the hiking boot. It also has a dual-density, foam padded collar and tongue. This design helps increase comfort and wearability by adding interior padding throughout the ankles.

This reviewer indicates the boot is too narrow in the toe-box. Even with the OL-1 last, they state it is uncomfortable and doesn't fit as the manufacturer suggests.

The Best Pair of Men and Women's New Balance Hiking Boots

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​Men and women have different needs when it comes to purchasing new hiking boots. Therefore, it's best for hikers to choose gender-specific New Balance hiking boots. The best pair of women's boots is the New Balance WM1400 hiking boot. The synthetic outer and high platform design creates a comfortable fit. The EVA midsole helps provide additional interior support for the feet. And, the breathable design doesn't cause feet to sweat too much in warmer conditions. With the lugged outsole, hikers can grip their boots into the wet/muddy terrain easily as well.

The best pair of men's New Balance hiking boots is the New Balance 1400v1 hiking boot. The arch support, EVA midsole, and lugged rubber outsole provide hikers excellent traction support. They are comfortable and feature a breathable, yet waterproof, upper finish. Thinsulate lining helps keep wearer's warm as temperatures cool down during colder hiking seasons.

No two hikers are alike. Additionally, men and women need to choose hiking boots that are suitable for their hiking excursions. These are a few of the best New Balance hiking boots for men and women.


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