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photo of man in blue jeans and work boots

Choosing the Best Hiking Footwear: Our Red Wing Hiking Boots Review

Dominating the hiking footwear market are well-known companies like Salomon, Merrell, and Keen. But what about smaller market holders like Red Wing hiking boots?...
person setting on the rock

Timberland Hiking Boots: Your Feet’s Best Friend on the Trail

Timberland hiking boots are sometimes thought of as fashion footwear first, but the company has been manufacturing quality rugged outdoor shoes for decades. From...
Lowa hiking boots

Lowa Hiking Boots: Industry Leading Technology For Premier Performance

Gender-specific hiking boots, with industry-leading technologies, make Lowa hiking boots a premier brand for hikers of all experience levels.
DKC-43 BLACK THUMB Damascus Pocket Knife

Damascus Pocket Knife Review: Every Camper’s Best Friend

Before you head out on your next camping trip, you need to bring an essential tool. That tool is the pocket knife, and it...
Brown hiking boots

Under Armour Hiking Boots: Are These Your New Hiking Boots?

Under Armour hiking boots? Don't they make clothing? Sure. But they make hiking boots as well. And they might be just what you need for your next trip.
Ahnu Hiking Boots

Ahnu Hiking Boots – Are They Superior to the Competition?

Visiting any local outdoor supply store or online website, you already know there are dozens of hiking boots available. So, what sets Ahnu hiking...
Old Timer pocket knife placed at the wooden floor

Old Timer Pocket Knife Review: A Must-Have Hunting Companion?

Schrade-Walden introduced the Old Timer pocket knife model 2OT, in 1959. Those early Old Timer knives were a long time coming and backed by...
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Marmot Tents: Are They Worth the Exorbitant Price Tag?

Marmot tents are specially made to withstand the worst weather. But that kind of quality doesn't come cheap. Are Marmot tents worth their hefty price tag?

Why A Yurt Tent Is The Perfect Structure To Bring Camping

When you think of a yurt tent, what may come to mind is a Mongolian countryside peppered with adorable and elegant round houses. You're...