The Eureka Tent: Comfort For The Great Outdoors

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Bigger and better is the mantra of Eureka tent. From backwoods to battlefields, mountaintop adventures to scientific expeditions — wherever you look, they've been there.

Way back in 1924, English adventurers Andrew Irvine and George Mallory vanished without a trace while climbing Mount Everest. Curious to get the mystery resolved, Eric Simonson led research expeditions in 2001 to find out what happened to them. And guess what?

A Eureka tent was their trusted ally. The tents protection from frigid and gale-force wind conditions made the researchers' lives much easier. Simonson and his team found the remains of Mallory and made history.

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The Eureka Tent — All You Need to Know

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The Eureka tent has seen it all. Their journey into the great outdoors started with horse blankets and wagon covers to storefront awnings and custom camp tents. And all through the way, durability and quality have been their trademark.

In World War II, Eureka was making large all-purpose field tents to serve as barracks, mess halls, operation centers, and hospitals for U.S. forces in Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.

In post-war America, urban Americans set their sights on summer family vacations and weekend destinations. And Eureka tent was there, too, but now in a new, sturdy and lightweight design.

Eureka tent types

Great outdoors, friends, grills, campfire and holidays — these are the things that come to your mind when you think about camping. Although these are essential, a suitable tent is indispensable to make your camping trip a success.

There are different types of shelters suited for your varied camping needs such as adventure camping, backcountry camping, and historical camping.

Car camping tents

Car camping tents are a durable and heavier material when compared to backpacking tents. These tents are safer in unfavorable conditions. Car camping tents range from $90 to $500.

Backpacking Tents

On trips into the remote wilderness, one of the essential gear choices for safety and comfort is a tent. So it would be wise not to cut corners when it comes to quality.

Eureka backpacking tents are priced between $130 to $160. They come in various sizes to shelter a different number of people. Listed below are Eureka backpacking tents.

Mountaineering Tents

Mountaineering tents are single-walled, breathable, and durable. They're for extreme weather conditions and mountain terrain. These tents are a bit pricey and cost between $350 to $700.

The Eureka mountaineering tents include the Alpenlite XT tent, K-2 XT tent, and the High camp tent.

Outfitter tents

Also known as wall tents, these Outfitter tents have four vertical straight walls and provide more headroom. Likewise, they have enough space to accommodate a stove.

The Outfitter tents cost between $400 to $600. You can choose the Assault outfitter tent or Timberline SQ outfitter from Eureka.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Tents

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Camping is beneficial to your health. After setting up your tent and settling in, you take a deep breath and feel a sense of happiness. You inhale lots of fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, spend time with family and friends, relax and above all — reduce stress.

However, the quality of your tent plays a critical role in a memorable camping experience without any glitches.

Selecting the type of tent

A three-season tent is a good choice to enjoy year-round camping trips. This type of shelter is equipped to handle the weather in summer, spring, and fall. In addition, a family tent will be suitable if you camp with multiple people or go car camping. Family tents are heavier, have tall walls and may have various rooms that provide lots of space and comfort.

If you often camp in a cold, snowy place, then go in for four season tents. They have a sturdy material construction that can handle extreme snow and wind.

Let’s say if you’re going on extended backpacking trips, backpacking tents would be the ideal choice. These tents prioritize packability and weight over size.

How to choose the size and shape of a tent

Be sure about the number of people you’ll stay with, the length of your stay period, and what you’ll be doing in the tent. Make sure there are at least 30 square feet of space for each person.

If you’re on a tight budget and not going to camp in rough weather conditions, then a simple A-frame tent would be a wise option. These tents are lightweight and inexpensive.

Dome-shaped tents give the right amount of headroom. Bigger dome tents have reduced stability so choose a different shape if you have many people living in your tent. And geodesic tents provide stability and are a good choice if you camp out in winter.

Best features

Choose a tent that’s easy to set up. After a long hike or an exhausting day of traveling, the last thing you’ll want to do is to build a tent that has a complicated setup.

Look for words such as pop-up, instant, and easy in the description of the tent. Next, make sure whether your tent has the right weather protection.

Check whether your tent has a full coverage rainfly. Buy tents that have tub flooring which prevents rain water from entering your tent.

And if you’re planning for hiking a long distance, carry a tent that’s lightweight and compact.

Quality materials

Tents are usually cotton canvas, polyester, nylon, or polycotton. Though all of these work fine, consider getting a tent made of high denier rip-stop nylon fabric. This material is lightweight, durable, and water resistant.

Buy tents that have aluminum poles because they are the most reliable and most durable, although a little bit heavier. Go for a canvas with durable zippers.

Proper ventilation improves air circulation inside the tent. Choose a tent that has mesh panels on the ceilings, windows, and doors to prevent condensation and improve airflow.

Eureka Tent Care Tips


Set up your tent and then clean it using liquid soap and lukewarm water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry. Gently wipe the tent poles with a dry cloth. Quickly dip the zippers in water and dry them off.

Seal the seams in an adequately ventilated area. Eureka tent recommends using Kenyon seam sealer 3 or McNett Outdoor SeamGrip. Use your rain fly even on bright days and erect your tents in shady areas to minimize ultraviolet light damage.

But wait, there's more:

To prevent color transfer, be sure that your tent is completely dry before storing. Loosely role your tent and store it in a cool, dry place. Cover it with a cloth to prevent dust from settling in.

Always place a ground cloth under your tent, and never wear shoes inside. Also, put a small doormat to catch the dust.

Keep in mind, sweeping your tent on a daily basis minimizes damage from anything you happen to drag in. And remember, never keep food inside your tent because hungry critters will chew their way in and damage your tent.


Best Models of the Eureka! Tent

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Eureka tent has been providing high-quality tents for any outdoor excursion you could imagine since 1895. Here we shed light on this one-of-a-kind brand and their stellar creations.

Eureka! Space Camp Three-Season Camping Tent

5 out of 5 stars

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Built to provide camping enthusiasts with an out-of-this-world experience, this tent offers plenty of floor space and high ceilings for extra mobility. With size options to fit up to four or six people at any time, this new addition to the Eureka! lineup is great for spring, summer, and fall.

Some customers feel that the four- or six-person rating is a bit too generous. But the unique dome-shaped top with lifted corners provides a surprising amount of headroom. While fewer people would be extremely comfortable in this tent, four or six people can absolutely fit as needed.

What makes this tent great for almost the entire year? The Eureka! Air Exchange System offers a fully customizable venting system that allows you to keep your tent as warm or as cold as you'd like.

While this tent has a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers, it is fairly new to the market.

However, at between $300 and $350 for the 4-person model and between $400 and $450 for the 6-person model, the Eureka! Space Camp Three-Season Camping Tent is an excellent investment for the outdoor family.

Eureka! Desert Canyon 6-Person Tent

5 out of 5 stars

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Designed to withstand adverse weather, wind, and unruly children, this tent is luxuriously spacious to make your camping trip a comfortable one. Thanks to its high ceilings and vertical walls you could enjoy a spacious cabin like set up for climbing adventures, summer music festival outings, and family camping trips.

However, customers say the only design flaw is that the outlying poles are a bit flimsy and are not necessarily the best when it comes to heavy winds. But the D-style door, lots of interior comforts, and thick mesh windows make this all worthwhile.

The Camp Comfort Sleep System gives you a pleasant sleep without turning and tossing. Set up this tent with just a frame and fly to act as an open wall sunshade for your backyard barbecues or parties.

Not only does this tent bag the Amazon’s Choice title but also scores 5.0 out of 5 stars. Above all, Eureka! Desert Canyon 6-Person Tent comes within a decent price range of $250 to $300.

Eureka! Apex Waterproof Backpacking Tent

​4.6 out of 5 stars

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An Amazon camper was happy to report that Eureka! Apex Waterproof Backpacking Tent is perfect for two people, has excellent features, includes a footprint and was a joy to set up. Mind you he gives this review after completing a four-week road trip across the country using this tent.

This Eureka! fares well against high winds thanks to its extremely sturdy build and construction. Some of the best features of this tent are central nylon speed hub that facilities easy set up, and vestibules that provide ample space for each person to store gear.

Not only that:

The bathtub floor protects against standing and splashing water by wrapping up the sides of the tent. And mesh panels allow moist air to escape minimizing condensation. Priced between $80 to $150 it scores 4.6 out of 5 Amazon stars.

Top Competitors for the Eureka! Tent


Keeping an eye on the competition is crucial to stay ahead in business. Eureka tent always knows the pulse of the market and pretty easily beats the competition. Here are some of the top competitors of Eureka tent to watch out for.

Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent and Footprint

​4.5 out of 5 stars

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Paria Ultralight Tent features mesh pockets, two-way zippers, pole repair splint, taped seams, and a back vent with a kickstand. That's practically everything you’ll find in high-end tents at a fraction of the cost. These tents are lightweight, flexible and durable.

A camper writes on Amazon that they took this tent for a weekend car camping trip, where they experienced a solid eight hours of rain in-between heavy downpours. But there were no leaks in the rainfly, and the floor was completely dry.

They had plenty of space for two plus their supplies. This tent comes with gear pouches and added touches like reflective accents and a lamp ring on the ceiling. And it scores 4.5 out of 5 stars with a price range of $140 to $160.

[amazon fields=”B0757Y7TJX” value=”thum” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

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Whether you’re a seasoned gram counter or new to backpacking, this comfortable shelter lets you hit the trail with more space in your pack and less weight. This tent features two doors and two vestibules. Single pole architecture helps in easy setup and removal.

It's the lightest backpacking tent from Big Agnes yet. Despite a svelte design, this tent has extra perks like structured corners that create space between your feet, tent walls for comfortable sleep, and media pockets for storing essentials.

You can erect your shelter in a flash with the help of ideal guy lines and tensioners attached to the fly. Never forget to buy a BigAgnes footprint, sold separately. This backpacking tent scores 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon and sells from $360 to $450.

[amazon fields=”B07F8T6336″ value=”thum” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07F8T6336″ value=”button”]

If you're someone who loves camping through the heat and cold, the MIER 2-Person Backpacking Tent might be perfect for you. With a super lightweight design and the choice between a three-season or four-season construction, this tent is a great, affordable option.

The one-pole system makes this tent extremely quick and easy to set up. Plus, honeycomb-style mesh keeps small bugs out of your tent during the summer months.

One downside of this tent is that it only sleeps two people. But for those who want something small and portable, the size is a worthwhile sacrifice.

Unlike the Big Agnes tent above, the MIER tent comes with everything you need, including the footprint. This tent has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers and retails for between $120 and $180 depending on style.

The Best Eureka Tent- Perfect for Your Wilderness Calling


It was a tough call choosing the best of the best, and ultimately it depends on where you're going and how many people you'll have with you.

All of these tents will withstand most weather, and have received high praise from customers on Amazon. So, you really can't go wrong. Eureka! is a solid choice with different designs, sizes, and weights to choose from.

Plus, they've been around for a long time, so campers must agree the company is doing something right. No matter which one you choose, Eureka! or not, these picks are sure to give you a great camping experience.

Once you get home from that big trip in the wilderness, we want to hear all about it.

Which will you use for your camping trips? Please tell us all about it in the comments!

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