The 8 Best Hiking Boots You Should Buy

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Best Hiking Boots Comparison Table

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Whether hiking season is around the bend, or you are a year-round trekker, the importance of choosing the best hiking boots can't be overstated. Not only is it essential to protect your feet and ankles from the elements and terrain, but you should also consider common dangers, like snakes.

About 7000 people fall victim to venomous snakebites in the U.S. each year. Luckily, the country has excellent medical care in snake prone areas, reducing fatalities due to snakebites to less than ten annually. However, protecting your feet and ankles from the local critter population may reduce your risk as well.

Selecting the best hiking boots helps to reduce the risk of injury, and comfort level while hiking. Nothing ruins a hike like horrible blisters from ill-fitting footwear. Great boots will also withstand wear and tear better in the outdoors, especially if you are seeking rough trails. They will also keep your feet warm and protected from the elements. But, how do you choose the best for you?

About Hiking Boots

The best hiking boots are the kind that protect your feet and support your ankles. These boots need to provide you with comfort when you walk over long distances and rough terrain. The soles should be fairly stiff to give your foot a stable platform and prevent foot fatigue when you traverse over rough terrain. It’s also important that your heels are protected from the impact with the ground on which you walk.

Many hiking boots require time to be broken in. Breaking them in ensures that they fit the shape of your feet. If you are purchasing your boots close to the time that you are going to be hiking, you need to find boots that are easy to break in. Otherwise, you will understand what true discomfort is.

Some of the best hiking boots are leather, which is a natural material that is sturdy, breathable, comfortable, durable, and when treated can be water-resistant. For shorter outdoor jaunts into wet terrains, people have been known to use rubber boots, which are water resistant and dry much quicker. However, rubber boots do not breathe, which makes them a bad option for long outdoor hikes since your feet will sweat too much and get problems like blisters and fungal infections.

Many of the best hiking boots can also be used for other outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hill walking, and backpacking. Mountaineering boots, however, need to be stiffer and taller so that they can provide both insulation and protection against the elements. They may also require crampons to be attached at the bottom. These devices help to enhance your traction while you walk on snow and ice.

What to Look For in the Best Hiking Boots

You need to consider several factors when searching for the best hiking boots for your outdoor needs. First, choose the shoes that fit in your budget. There is no doubt that the best hiking boots cost money, but you can usually find something suitable at a reasonable cost. You also need to think about the size of your feet in proper socks. It’s crucial to find shoes that will still fit well when you are wearing hiking socks.

The best hiking boots for you should have design features that fit your needs and activities. Also, think about the materials used to construct the boots you prefer. Leather is ideal. However, synthetic materials like polyester, faux leather, and nylon are also options that you should bear in mind if you don’t want leather hiking boots. But you also need to be on the lookout for the lining used within the shoe. Shoe membranes like Gore-Tex are an excellent choice because of their breathable and waterproof qualities.

Price Ranges for Hiking Boots

The cost of the hiking boots varies widely. However, many hiking boots tend to fall in the lower and middle part of that price range, thus making them affordable to most people intending to embark on an adventure in the outdoors.

How We Reviewed

To determine the best hiking boots, we considered several criteria. First, we paid attention to the cost of the shoes. We also reviewed the products based on the design features, materials used to make the boots and functionality. Customer ratings and reviews also played a role in how we selected the best hiking boots.

The Best Hiking Boots

The following are our choices for the best hiking boots you should buy for your outdoor adventures. Our goal was to create a list of shoes that would suit a wide range of budgets, ages, design preferences, gender needs, and ability to withstand different climatic conditions.

Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot for Kids

[amazon box=”B00Q687CEW” rating=”4.5″]

This hiking boot by Merrell predominantly consists of leather, which makes it sturdy and durable. The shoe upper consists of both suede and mesh. That makes it breathable and thus enhances comfort for the wearer. It comes in smaller sizes ranging 1 M U.S. Little Kid, to 13.5 W U.S. Little Kid size. That makes this hiking boot suitable for toddlers, little kids, and big kids.

This shoe has a molded nylon arch shank that helps to reduce the load the wearer feels in the feet and calves during ascent. Besides that, the shaft measures approximately 4.5 inches from the arch and helps to protect the ankles. Also, this boot’s incorporates an m-select dry bootie waterproof construction. This design feature helps to keep the user’s feet dry. The water-resistant rubber sole makes this boot suitable for all seasons.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because they are comfortable to use, sturdy and durable, and waterproof. However, some customers complain that some of the hiking boots are narrower than advertised and others complain of poor craftsmanship. In the latter case, the shoes are not was waterproof as advertised and the soles come off quickly.

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

[amazon box=”B006A1F65C” rating=”4.5″]

This women’s hiking boot consists of leather and mesh fabric. It’s, therefore, breathable and dries out quickly when you sweat or the shoe gets wet. The full-grain leather material has undergone Omnishield water and stain resistance treatment to make this boot waterproof. The rubber sole consists of Ominigrip lugged outsole, which enhances the water resistance of the shoe.

The compression-molded EVA foam midsole utilizes Techlite Cushioning technology to improve the user’s comfort when wearing the boot. Besides that, this boot incorporates a triangular D-ring and clamshell lacing design as well as a hook and loop closure system. That helps you to adjust the boot’s fit to something that is suitable for your feet size.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because they are sturdy, comfortable to use, and water-resistant. Negative reviews on this boot are rare. However, one of the more regularly mentioned complaints among customers is a crampy toe box that tends to cause pain and discomfort for some.

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

[amazon box=”B000VX584E” rating=”4.4″]

This men’s ankle boot is one of Amazon’s bestselling products. It consists of leather. The full-grain leather upper makes this shoe durable and comfortable. The seam-sealed waterproof construction design helps to your feet dry during the wet season. Also, the rubber sole of the shoe helps to enhance the water-resistance of the boot. This hiking boot has a shaft that measures 4.75 inches from the arch thus giving it long sides to help protect the ankle.

 It utilizes speed lace hardware which is rustproof and thus resistance to corrosion. The hooks within the hardware ensure secure lacing and a proper fit. And the platform measures 0.5 inches for enhanced comfort while the bottom of the sole has multi-direction lugs for better traction.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because they are warm and comfortable, sturdy enough to withstand constant wear and tear, and waterproof. However, a few customers complain of poor craftsmanship that greatly affects the riveted eyelet and makes it come off these hiking boots.

Kodiak Women's Surrey II Hiking Boot

[amazon box=”B072L7QZTS” rating=”4.6″]

This women’s hiking boot consists of leather, which makes it breathable and comfortable to use. The shoe has utilized a waterproof membrane construction design and includes sealed seams to make the boot water-resistant and thus an excellent choice for hiking even in wet seasons. Also, the leather memory foam insole is removable thus enhancing your comfort.

This boot has a shaft that measures 6.5 inches from the arch, thus making the sides long enough to provide adequate ankle protection and support. The sole consists of rubber, which enhances the waterproof nature of the boot. Its treads are slip-resistance thus ensuring better traction when you move out and about in the snow. Besides that, this boot comes with microfiber lining and GM Thinsulate insulation that will help keep your feet warm during winter.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because it is warm and comfortable, provides ample ankle support, and has a stylish design. However, these hiking boots seem not to fit women with wide feet, so bear that in mind.

Asolo Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots

[amazon box=”B008NW15SI”]

This men’s hiking boot consists of PU leather, which is soft and has been treated to be water-resistant. It is, therefore, sturdy and durable. The lining of the shoe consists of Cordura and Gore-Tex fabric. That makes the boot abrasion-resistant and breathable and thus helps to ensure that any wetness from sweat or the elements dries out quickly. The sole of this hiking boot is made of rubber, which is waterproof.

The boot is, therefore, suitable for both wet and dry seasons and will keep you dry. Its cushioned footbed also helps to enhance your comfort when in use. Besides that, this boot has a shaft of about six inches, which provides excellent support and protection for the ankles.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because it has a stylish design, sturdy and durable, and offer excellent value for the money. One notable problem, however, is that some customers find that poor quality soles compromise the hiking boot's durability.

Manfen Women's Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

[amazon box=”B01DP701CQ”]

This women’s hiking boot consists of a synthetic upper with toe cap protection. The synthetic fabric helps to make this boot lightweight and comfortable to use. Its shaft measures approximately eight inches from the arch, thus ensuring ample ankle protection and support The sole of the boot consists of rubber, which enhances its water-resistance and makes it suitable for wet seasons.

The tread design improves the grip of this boot and makes it boot slip-resistant on a variety of terrains. There are 200 Grams of Thinsulate insulation as part of the boot’s lining. This insulation helps to keep the user’s feet warm and comfortable in temperatures as low as -22 Degrees Fahrenheit

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because it has excellent traction, is water-resistant, and is lightweight and comfortable to use. Some customers, however, complain that the shoe tends to run a bit tight even when the sizing seems right. Others complain of bulkiness.

KEEN Men's Revel III Hiking Boot

[amazon box=”B00SYYXMAE”]

This men’s hiking boot consists of nubuck leather, which makes it resistant to wear and tear and thus durable. This material has been treated to make it waterproof and together with the rubber sole; they make the shoe a suitable option for hiking even in wet areas or season. The shoe also comes with a KEEN dry membrane, which is breathable and helps to increase the water-resistance of the boot. 

And its shaft measures six inches from the arch thus providing good ankle support and protection. 

This shoe has a plush padded collar to enhance comfort for the wearer. The pull-on loops and the lace-up system will enable you to customize the fit of the shoe. Besides that, the grippy rubber outsole improves the shoe’s traction on icy surfaces. The KEEN Warm insulation within the lining, on the other hand, will ensure that you stay warm during wintry conditions.

On Amazon, this hiking boot has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because it is warm, sturdy and durable, and comfortable. one outstanding complaint however, is that some boots are of poor quality and start to disintegrate within months.

Hi-Tec Altitude Lite I WP JR Hiking Boot

[amazon box=”B01J5IR60O”]

This junior hiking boot consists of both leather and textile materials. The shoe upper has both suede leather and mesh. Both of these materials ensure that the shoe is breathable, comfortable to use, and sturdy. This shoe is durable. It's Dri-Tec waterproof breathable membrane repels water and keeps your feet dry. And it is lightweight and thus suitable for children.

This shoe has a fully gusseted tongue and utilizes a ghillie lacing system to ensure a secure fit. There is also a nylon fork shank for enhanced stability, as well as a 1-inch heel and a compression-molded EVA midsole for enhanced cushioning and comfort. The multi-directional traction outsole also helps to increase the boot’s grip on slippery terrain. Besides that, the shaft of the shoe is 4.5 inches and thus provides adequate support and protection for the ankle.

On Amazon, this hiking boot for kids has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers love it because it is lightweight and comfortable, waterproof, warm, and sturdy. Some customers, however, state that the boot is not true to size and you may want to order one size larger.

Find the Best Hiking Boots Possible

The best hiking boots are those that will keep you protected from the elements. They will also keep your feet warm and dry despite any wet terrain you go through or any sweat you generate. Such shoes should also be able to withstand wear and tear without compromising your comfort when you use them. So take the time to find the best hiking boots that suit your budget because they are a good investment.

Is your favorite boot on our list? Let us know down in the comments what your go-to boot is!


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