Gear Review: Is the Family-Size Ozark Trail Tent A Great Value?

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The weather has finally turned, and you’d love to spend some time in the woods. The air is crisp, and the weather will be mild and dry for the next week. Some time spent out in nature is just the mental reboot you need. And getting the family or a group of friends sounds like just the kind of mini-vacation you all need. But with a crowd, you may want to get a family-size Ozark trail tent. A spacious 10 or 12-person tent is easier to deal with than several smaller tents. And most family-sized tents have dividers for separate sleeping areas for privacy, as well.

While some people think it’s easier to find flat, clear ground for several small tents, most campgrounds maintain camping spaces that accommodate larger tents. In a family-size tent, it’s easier to consolidate supplies and keep them handy and protected from wildlife. Should the weather turn cold or rainy, you’ll find one large family tent is easier to keep waterproof and warm.

Who Makes Ozark Trail Tents?

Ozark Trail is a proprietary brand of camping gear made and distributed exclusively by Walmart. Because they have the backing of such a large corporation, they’re easy to find nearly anywhere in North America. They come in many configurations, from 2 to 15-person tents, with a wide range of floor plans. Ozark Trail also makes canopies, cooking gear, coolers, sleeping bags, and cots.

What To Look For In An Ozark Trail Tent

As a Walmart product, your Ozark Trail tent should prove to be quite affordable. However, this also means that the quality may not be as expected. Depending on where you plan to camp, you’ll need to make sure that it's rated for the climate where you're camping.

Tents come in season ratings that describe their insulation properties. Most of the Ozark Trail models are lightweight, three-season tents for milder weather. However, they do offer one all-season Ozark Trail tent model for more versatility.

There are other considerations than temperature, as well. If your region is humid or has frequent rainfall, you’ll want your tent to be extra waterproof. If you do most of your camping in the heat of summer or camp in the South or Southwest, you’ll need a tent that provides the best ventilation, as well. Even at night, heat can build up and make sleeping uncomfortable, if not completely impossible.

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This large, family-size tent provides sleeping room for up to 10 individuals. With three separate rooms, it features two divider walls to allow privacy whenever needed. It also features a front door and two side doors from the walled-off areas for private entrance and exits.

The center pole allows 6.5 feet of headroom in the main room. Assembled, the entire tent is 20 by 10 feet. You can fit up to three queen air mattress or 10 sleeping bags in this Ozark Trail tent. That said, the whole thing breaks down to a zippered carry bag that measures only 27.5 by 11 by 11 inches and weighs less than 30 pounds for easy portability and storage.

Made primarily of polyester, this bright red tent will be easy for your whole campaign to find in the most crowded campground. The taped fly seems to help reduce leakage into the tent. It also features six zippered windows for better ventilation. The mesh roof lets built-up heat escape, while the waterproof rain-fly keeps your tent dry in inclement weather.

A mud mat and shoe pocket at the main entrance helps keep the interior clean and dry. You’ll also find four built-in organizational pockets and a media pocket for stowing and protecting your devices and other valuables. The media pocket features an e-Port as well, which allows you to access your generator or campsite electrical outlets to keep your laptop, phone, or camping equipment charged. You can also hook up electrical fans or lights, to save your batteries.


  • Assembled Size: 20 by 10 by 6.5 feet
  • Weight: 28.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 10
  • Season Rating: 3 Season
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Polyester
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Reviews and ratings

Over 87 percent of shoppers were happy with their purchase, rating this tent 4.0 or 5 stars. Those who gave it 5 full stars were most delighted with the size of the tent as well as the affordable price. Another trending plus was that users found it easy to put up. With such a big tent, you might expect differently. However, may positive reviews noted that it took very little time and only two people to assemble.

Amazon buyers rated this Ozark Trail tent .With an 85 percent customer satisfaction rate. Customers on Amazon reflected similar assessments of this tent, including compliments for the roomy interior. Several noted that it weathered even the worst thunderstorms, keeping them snug and dry. Others mentioned the ease of assembly.

On the downside, consumers on both platforms had problems with the tent poles. In several cases, the pegs were easily pulled out by winds catching under the rain-flies. In other cases, the poles were busted or bent quite easily. This particular tent doesn’t seem to do well under high-wind conditions. The fiberglass support poles seem to be very fragile, bending or breaking, and causing problems for a handful of buyers.


As a house brand, you’ll find this Ozark Trail tent from your local Walmart retailer priced between $ and $$$. Walmart regularly marks down outdoor and seasonal equipment with “rollback” specials. They also often offer free shipping or in-store pick-up. Note that in-store inventory on their main website is nearly always inaccurate. We’ve found that their online inventory rarely matches reality, so make sure you order on time. Don’t expect to find it listed “in store” and actually be able to stop by nearest Walmart on the way to the campground. You're more than likely to be disappointed.

You can also find the 10-person Ozark Trail tent on Amazon, listed from $85 to $195 with the higher cost packages providing airbeds. Shipping costs also vary, and most are not eligible for free Prime shipping.

Are There Better Family Tents?

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If you’re not sold yet on the Ozark Trail tent line, you may want to consider other brands. Brands like Coleman, for example, have been well established and built a reputation. CORE is relatively new but has grown steadily in the camping market.

How We Reviewed

After many years of scouting and family camping, we’ve had several opportunities to test out our Ozark Trail tent as well as several other brands. On the whole, our smaller Ozark model has served us well camping in a relatively mild climate.

For a more objective view of this brand, we’ve also consulted professional reviews and consumer feedback. We compared specifications and construction materials provided by the manufacturers and measured them against user feedback for real-life performance.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person tent

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This reputable brand needs no introduction. The Coleman WeatherMaster tent boasts a room 17 by 9-foot space with a higher 6-foot, 8-inch center pole height than the Ozark Trail brand. Coleman’s 10-person tent only includes one room divider, however. On the other hand, it features patented welded flooring and inverted seams for better waterproofing.

Unlike most zipper front tents, the Coleman WeatherMaster features a hinged door for easier access and exit. It also has downward-angled windows to ensure that your tent interior is protected from rainfall.

The Coleman 10-person tent features a patented pin and ring system and Insta-Clips for a fast, 20-minute setup time. The carry bag expands for easier packing when you’re ready to return to civilization.


  • Assembled Size: 17 by 9 by 6-feet, 8 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Capacity: 10
  • Season Rating: 3 Season
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: PolyGuard™

Reviews and pricing

Amazon buyers gave it a more generous 4.1 out of 5 stars. Most positive reviews noted that it was durable through many years of use. Customers also stated that it held up to wind and was easy to set up. Negative reviews remarked that the Coleman WeatherMaster isn’t as waterproof as advertised. While the floor is well sealed, the roof tends to leak under windy conditions.

Pricing for the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person tent ranges from $$ to $$$, depending on the retailer.

CORE 10-person straight wall cabin tent

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Measuring 14 by 10 feet and over 7-feet tall, the CORE 10-person tent doesn’t offer as much floor space, but it does provide greater height than the Ozark Trail tent. It only has one room divider for privacy, but you’ll get a front and back entrance with this model.

Perfect for summer camping, it offers an advanced venting system you can adjust to draw cool air from outside and push it out through the vented ceiling. It is water resistant with polyester fabric and thermally sealed seams to keep the tent dry.

It also offers an electrical port and an expandable carry case for quick packing. For storage, the gear loft keeps valuables high and dry with a lantern hook and protective pockets for securing valuables.


  • Assembled Size: 14 by 10 by 7-feet, 2 inches
  • Weight: 35.5 pounds
  • Capacity: 10
  • Season Rating: 3 Season
  • Color: Orange and gray
  • Material: 68D Polyester

Reviews and pricing

Happy customers found the straight wall style gave it a roomier feel, and taller buyers loved the extra headroom. While there is no industry standard for tent sizing, one trending negative seems to be that it really isn’t big enough for 10 people.

You’ll find this CORE model sold on a number of retail sites, including their own. Prices listed range from $ to $$, depending on shipping cost and terms.

The Pros And Cons Of The Ozark Trail Tent

Before deciding on this family-sized Ozark Trail tent, you should have a good idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Here's a snapshot of its best features and worst flaws.


  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to find and purchase
  • Extremely roomy footprint
  • Extra privacy with two room dividers
  • Large enough to store equipment and supplies


  • Poor tent pole construction
  • Doesn’t stand up to wind
  • Taller individuals may find sloped ceilings awkward

Is The Ozark Trail Tent A Great Value?

Considering the Ozark Trail tent is about half the cost of similarly sized tents, most are tempted to choose it over other models. While the design is roomy and offers plenty of floor space, taller individuals might find it awkward to move about freely. On the positive side, it does have enough spare room to store gear and food supplies, which makes them easy to access during the night or in bad weather. It also keeps them safe from wildlife.

For fair-weather campers who need the space, the 10-person Ozark Trail tent is a great buy. Upgraded poles and pegs, however, might be a good idea. And an extra canopy or tarp for rainy season camping might be a wise add-on. At its price point, the Ozark Trail tent looks like a bargain, and for those who don’t plan to do any extreme camping, it is.

Our Ozark Trail tent has provided stellar service. However, we’re experienced campers with scouting experience and access to optimal campsites. We wouldn’t recommend this for anything but comfortable family camping on level ground in good weather. But, based on our comparison with similarly 3-season rated tents with the same capacity.


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