Tentsile Tent Review: Find out If You Want It on Your next Trip

Woman Sitting on the Tentsile Tent Stingray Model Tree House Tent Over the River

Have you ever gone camping only to find your tent fell apart shortly after setting it up? The idea of hanging tents may seem foreign to you, but it's actually a great way to sleep outdoors. A Tentsile tent is one of many hanging tents available that'll recreate the way you enjoy camping.

The Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Tree House Tent

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When you're off the ground, you'll see things in an entirely different way. While a standard tent places you at ground level, these tents give you a view from up top. They'll undeniably reinvent the way you enjoy camping.

If you were a treehouse fan growing up, you could experience that same feeling the next time you go camping. A portable treehouse allows you to camp anywhere, and it'll protect you from the dangers that lie on the ground at night. Hanging tents are lightweight and easy to transport.

You don't need to carry around too much equipment like you do when backpacking, and it's a fun, new way for you to enjoy camping with the family. It doesn't matter if you're in the backyard or the middle of nowhere. Let's find the perfect hanging tent which will allow you to rediscover the joys of camping.

What Are Tentsile Tents?

Tentsile Flite 2-Person Suspended Tree Tent

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The Tentsile tent came to life in 2002. The founder decided to introduce a hanging structure using pure tentsile from three points.

Tentsile delivers a single or multi-person occupancy that mimics the comforts and versatility of a hammock. The suspended structures are ideal for camping in wet or dry conditions.

As owners will sit above ground, they have their treehouse in the air for enjoyment. All tents feature a mesh enclosure to keep bugs out. A removable rainfly sheet also allows owners to enjoy the stars overhead on a clear night. Polyurethane (PU) coating features ultra-violet (UV) protection and is waterproof.

Webbing frames at the three anchor points and internal floor straps stabilize the tents.

How Much Weight Can the Tentsile Tent Carry?


For many, a concern with sleeping in these tents is the weight capacity. How safe are they for one or multiple users? The weight capacity for each Tentsile tent depends on the model you purchase.

The larger tents for numerous users can carry up to 880 pounds. The Tmini and Flight tents have a capacity of up to 485 pounds. The tension loads for the tents can reach up to 1.5 tons. Therefore, it's essential to pick the right trees and heights when setting them up.

What Is the WaterGate?


Each Tentsile tent includes a small bag with three rubber D-rings and WaterGates. These gates attach onto the D-rings before attaching onto the ratchets. Besides helping prevent flooding in the event of heavy rainfall, the water gates provide additional support as well. When owners correctly connect the WaterGates, they prevent water from ever reaching the tent.

How Much Are Tentsile Tents?


The price of a Tentsile tent and other hanging tents vary given different variables. The tent size, materials, and interior capacity affect the prices. These tents are $200 to $1,000.

How Did We Compare: Tentsile Tent vs. Other Hanging Tree Tents

Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Tree House Tent Near the Lake

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A hanging tree tent is a novel concept for many campers. It's also something new for many homeowners who want to enjoy a treehouse, without actually building one.

In our review, we consider the weight capacity, waterproofing, and ease of setup. We also focus on the design features including airflow and UV protection to safeguard the tents. Internal comfort is an essential factor in our review, and we focused on safety features and overall design of each product.

Particularly for those that hang higher off the ground than others. Last, we considered the prices for each Tentsile tent and competitors' products.


Which Tentsile Tent Is Right for You?


With several models of Tentsile tents for single and multiple users, consumers should compare several before purchasing one. Without a doubt, these are a few of the best tents the manufacturer carries.

This lightweight, two-person portable backpacking tent is perfect for a short camping trip. Or, it's ideal for a long weekend to invite friends over for a fort party in the backyard. It weighs only seven pounds which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry anywhere. This tent utilizes one industrial-grade ratchet and three webbing straps. Each strap is 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) long.

The tent features a triangular layout and can comfortably house campers/users that are six-feet tall or shorter. Moreover, the high weight capacity of 485 pounds makes it perfect for couples. There's a cross-brace for extra head support, and the tent has two entry/exit way so campers won't get in each other's way. It's waterproof and zips up throughout so it protects from heavy rainfall. Additionally, the PU exterior has UV protection to prevent fading from sunlight.

One reviewer claims the tent is durable and easy to set up. They also love how fun it is for camping in the wilderness or right in the backyard. In another review, the customer indicates it's heavier than seven pounds. Furthermore, it's difficult to set up the tent.

This Tentsile tent can hold up to 3 people with a maximum weight capacity of 880 pounds. It takes virtually no time to set up, with most owners efficiently pitching it in under 20 minutes. The Stingray tent offers up to 75 square feet of sleepable/usable space. The pack weight is about 20 pounds. In other words, it's not too heavy to carry around from site to site when backpacking.

It includes the three sturdy ratchet straps to affix onto trees for stability. Heavy-duty industrial webbing also creates a safe base for owners to feel safe hanging above ground level. A rainfly that's both UV and water-resistant is removable. Not to mention the tent zips from seam-to-seam for full protection from wind, rain, and bugs.

A reviewer suggests the tent is fun and easy to set up. It's worth the cost when viewing the material quality and safety features. Another reviewer notes that they aren't happy with the purchase. The rainfly cover isn't large enough to cover the entire tent. What's more, is that if it's not entirely in line with the base, water gets into the tent.

As the name implies, this one-person sleep tent is perfect for a short camping trip for individual users. The all-season tent is safe for any weather extreme you encounter while camping. It can accommodate users who are 6-feet 2-inches tall, or shorter. It features up to 24 square feet of sleepable space. That's more than enough space for owners to move around in comfortably.

The weight capacity of this sleep tent is 330 pounds. It has three dependable ratchet straps that connect to trees, and it's easy to set up. There is also a removable mesh net that keeps bugs out. It has UV protection, and it's waterproof. Furthermore, the rainfly provides a thermal buffer in cold temperatures. And, the Skypad mattress helps combat cold weather, providing a comfortable resting place to sleep at night.

One reviewer indicates it's lightweight and easy to carry. It takes only a few minutes to pitch the tent anywhere on a campsite. In another review; however, the customer suggests buying a sleeping pad. Overall, the tent's quality is excellent, but it isn't comfortable to sleep in without a sleeping pad.

The Good and the Bad: Pros and Cons of Owning a Tentsile Tent


There are some benefits and drawbacks to consider for those who want to invest in a Tentsile tent. It's certainly advisable to think about these characteristics before choosing one or selecting a different hanging tent.


First, let's focus on the positive attributes of the Tentsile tent series. Some of the benefits of investing in one of these tents are:

  • They're versatile and easy to set up anywhere
  • They're lightweight making them perfect for camping or backpacking
  • Owners can pitch the tents quickly and easily
  • Most have a large interior space for free range and movement
  • The weight capacity is higher than in other hanging tents
  • They include netting and liners for waterproofing and to keep bugs out


Consumers should also consider the drawbacks of Tentsile tents. These include:

  • They're expensive
  • Some hanging tents aren't as durable as others
  • There's less living space than traditional tents
  • Some people are afraid of the safety aspects

The Best Hanging Tree Tent: What the Competition Offers


Other companies manufacture hanging tents also. These are some of the best options for those looking for an alternative to a Tentsile tent.

The hammock tent features a removable rainfly and bug net. Non-stretch polyester straps increase stability when it's hanging above ground. This product is also a hybrid model owners can use in the field. Owners can use it as a single or double tent for two people. It takes only minutes to set up. Just affix it to two trees, and it's ready to go once the straps are in place.

The interior is 90 inches X 42 inches, with a weight capacity of 275 pounds. Arch poles and spreader bars help keep the ground flat once owners suspend the tent. It weighs less than five pounds making it simple to transport to multiple camping sites as well.

The versatility of this tent makes it excellent for above ground camping or pitching it directly on the ground. Reviewers praise the stability and ease of setting it up. The only significant issue one customer notes is the metal poles aren't as sturdy as other tents.

This two-person hanging tent is versatile and easy to set up. It's waterproof and comes with a bug-proof harness as well. The oversized ripstop nylon material is durable while keeping you comfortable in the cocoon tent. It includes a ladder making it easy to crawl up and down from the air down to ground level.

A prusik knot allows owners to easily adjust the tension levels when suspending the tent in the air. It weighs about three pounds, making it lightweight and packable for hiking or camping trips. The mosquito netting is a nice feature to keep bugs away while sleeping as well.

In one review, the customer details how the tent is perfect for use anywhere. They like taking it to the beach, and it's just as versatile for camping trips. One concern is the durability of the nylon material. In another review, the customer suggests handling the tent with care, as it's prone to tearing.

The cacoon hanging tent is perfect for outdoor camping and backpacking trips. It features UV protection and anti-mold material finishes. It's waterproof and also features a bacteria treatment on the exterior. The weight capacity is 440 pounds.

The rust-free aluminum rings stretch out to maximize the usable interior space in this hanging tent. It's lightweight and transportable to multiple camping sites as well. The cotton and polyester blend fabrics are breathable and wick away water. The tent's size is 60 inches long by 60 inches wide by 60 inches high. It's perfect for all weather conditions and includes a one-year warranty.

The quality and comfort of this hanging tent are amazing. Reviewers love how easy it is to set up and how well it holds its form. A significant concern for some is the material wearing out. As one reviewer suggests, their tent gave way after fewer than two months.

What's the Best Hanging Tent? Best Single and Multi-User Tents


For single or multi-person use, hanging tents are a novelty anyone can appreciate. Those who want a single tent will love the UNA by Tentsile tent.

It can accommodate tall campers and has a higher weight capacity than other single-person tents. With a 24 square foot living area, it allows you to move around freely without limiting mobility. The quality is spectacular as well. Furthermore, the tent has a removable lining, it's waterproof, and blocks UV rays.

The Stingray Tentsile tent is ideal for multiple users. Although it's more expensive than most tents, most reviewers rave about the quality and durability. It can accommodate three adults or two children and two adults.

Pitching the tent is quick and easy, and the rainfly keeps bugs out. It's also removable so owners can star gaze during a clear night. With an 880-pound user capacity and 75 square feet of interior space, there are no limits in comfort.


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