Five Best Camping Tents of 2019: Go Camping in Comfort

Five Best Camping Tents of 2019 Go Camping in Comfort

One woman said that thinking back to the time she spent with her children camping in the woods are some of her most precious memories, especially now that her boys are all grown up. Children grow up so fast and spend so much time on their screens these days; it's challenging to find activities that will encourage kids to put them down. We see it at restaurants, theaters, and even playgrounds -- kids glued tablets and phones. It's time to unplug and get back to nature. First, you need one of the best camping tents on the market, though.

Now, whether you have a family or not, there are thousands of tents on the market. It's difficult to know where to begin. We dug in and found out which tents really hit the mark and which ones you should probably avoid altogether.

Comparison Table

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​Shop For The Best Camping Tents Like An Expert


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Before we dig in, we want to talk about the things you should look out for when you shop for the best camping tents for you. We know that every individual has different needs when it comes to their outdoor adventures.

However, when you are searching for the best camping tents for you or your family, keep the following things in mind.

Size Matters

Each tent states that it will fit a certain number of people. So, to find the best camping tents, you should know how many people plan to use it. However, keep in mind that there is not an industry standard for this number.

If you have some larger people or individuals that have claustrophobia, you should probably lean towards a larger-sized tent. Conversely, if you aren't sure about your group size, you should shoot for something bigger than you think you may need.


Secondly, tents come with a season rating. You will see that each tent is either a three-season for a four-season tent. A three-season tent will weigh less because it isn't designed to stand up to severe winter weather.

However, a three-season tent will keep you dry, even during a downpour, provided you set things up correctly. A four-season tent, though, is another beast altogether.

Manufacturers designed four-season tents to hold up during fierce wind as well as substantial snow loads. Of course, a four-season tent will weigh more than a three-season tent. The reason for the extra weight is the fabric is thicker to keep you warm. Also, there are extra poles that will hold your temporary house in place -- even in incredibly high winds.

​Peak Height And Doorways

​You will see a measurement for peak height. Peak height is the tallest point inside the tent. Remember, though, if the tent has very tilted walls, the peak height may be a minimal space. Next, you should pay close attention to how many doors each tent has. If you have a large group or family, a tent with two entries would be ideal. That way, when someone needs out of the tent in the middle of the night, someone won't' get stepped on.

​Rainfly And footprint

A rainfly and a footprint are both items that are separate from the tent. A rainfly is a cover that will keep the shelter dry when it rains. You should use one of those when it rains, humidity is high, or you need a little extra warmth. There are two different types of rainflies.

A footprint is another separate piece that goes underneath the tent to help protect the main fabric from the ground underneath.

​Materials, Vestibules, Ventilation, And Storage

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To find the best camping tents on the market, keep an eye on the material the tent uses. A higher-denier fabric or canopy is going to be more rugged than fabric with a low denier. A denier describes the thickness of the threads used to create the fabric. A denier is a number and the higher the number, the thicker the fabric.

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A tent designed with seam-tape on the floor or high-denier fabric reduces the odds of springing a leak. Please note that most seasoned campers, no matter which tent they get, take extra steps to stay dry. You merely use seam sealer and waterproofing spray on your own. Most tents have a double layer of fabric over the canopy. Generally, one layer will be a mesh, and the other layer over top of that will have zippers for ventilation.

Storage is also an important key factor. Some tents come with an extra vestibule or a "garage," and those are great for storing gear out of the elements. And some tents have extra interior pockets or even an overhead loft for even more space to keep your things off the floor.

Dome-Style Versus Cabin-Style

​As we go through these tents, you will see that each is dome-style versus cabin-style. Please note that a dome-style tent will have tilted walls, so that peak point measurement describes a minimal area. However, while a cabin-style tent will undoubtedly give you more headroom, it is more cumbersome as well as more challenging to set up.

The Price Tag

​As far as how much the best camping tents will cost, that varies widely. However, you can get a decent tent for as little as $ for a smaller one. If you are looking at something more substantial for a family, those cost anywhere from $$ to well over $$$.

​How We Reviewed The Best Camping Tents


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​To find the best camping tents for 2019, first, we started with the expert lists to see which ones they like the best. After that, we look up every review can we can find by real customers. After we compare those reviews to the experts to ensure everything matches, we make our selections.

​The Top Five Best Camping Tents For Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

Finally, we get to the master list of the top five best camping tents for 2019. Keep in mind that although we numbered this list, it isn't in a particular order. There's no way for us to know exactly what your needs are, so we reviewed several different sizes of tents. You will see that some tents we included are light enough to pack and use while hiking and others are not.

Marmot Halo 6P

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Our first selection is the Marmot Halo 6P. While this tent is a dome-style tent, the unique halo design gives you much more headroom than you would expect. This two-door six-person tent is ideal for families. Color-coded clips and poles ensure that setup is as simple as possible. This tent includes a vestibule.

  • Maximum weight: 20 pounds 1.3 ounces
  • Minimum weight: 19 pounds 5 ounces
  • Measurements: 118 inches x 118 inches
  • Floor area: 96.7 square feet
  • Peak height: 76 inches
  • Canopy fabric: 40-denier polyester No-See-Um mesh covered by 68-denier polyester Ripstop
  • Floor fabric: 150-denier nylon (seam taped and catenary cut)
  • Footprint not included
  • Rainfly included


One customer reported sucessfully using this tent on a summer trip with his family in Iceland. In fact, there are plenty of positive reviews about this tent in inclement weather.

A customer who stands more than six feet tall said he loved how much room he had in this tent. Many reviewers said that with the Marmot Halo setup was a breeze.

We couldn't find many negative reviews about this tent. A couple of users reported that their tent poles bent after only a couple of trips. And a few other users are not happy with the high price point on this product.

​Kelty Trail Ridge

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Next up in our selection of the best backpacking tents is a smaller lightweight tent you could use for a backpacking adventure, the Kelty Trail Ridge 3. This dome-style three-season tent comes in two sizes -- two-person and three-person. It has two vestibules as well as two doors.

​For today, we will bring you the specs of the Kelty Trail Ridge 3, remember that the 2 will be slightly smaller.

  • Maximum weight: 7 pounds 6 ounces
  • Minimum weight: 6 pounds 2 ounces
  • Dome measurements: 90 x 73 x 45 inches
  • Packaged measurements: 16 x 10 x 4 inches
  • Floor size: 73 x 90 inches
  • Peak height: 45 inches
  • Canopy fabric: 40-denier No-See-Um mesh covered by 68-denier polyester
  • Floor fabric: 68-denier
  • Footprint included
  • Rainfly included


There are a ton of reviews stating that for this price, this tent is unbeatable. One user took this item on a cross-country trip with no problems whatsoever. Many reviews state that the poles included with the tent are super-strong and setup is a breeze. On the negative side, a few users said that the stakes included with the tent are low-quality.

​CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

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​The ​CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent is the largest we have chosen. First, this one differs from the others because there is almost no setup involved -- it only takes 60 seconds. A room divider means that you can separate the tent into two rooms. This tent comes with two doors, plenty of storage, and an advanced venting system to keep things cool.

  • Maximum weight: 30 pounds
  • Tent measurements: 14 feet x 9 feet x 78 inches
  • Packaged measurements: 48 x 11.6 x 11.6 inches
  • Floor Size: 14 x 9 inches
  • Peak height: 78 inches
  • Canopy fabric: 68-denier polyester
  • Floor fabric: 125gsm P.E. (tarpaulin material)
  • Footprint not included
  • Rainfly included
  • Port so you can easily run electricity into the tent


There are a ton of positive reviews about this tent. A single mother, frustrated with setting up a regular camping tent, delighted in how easy it is to set up the CORE Instant Cabin. By all reports, this tent holds up very well in nasty weather, as well. However, a few people noted that they had issues with the poles bending and other technical problems.

​Coleman Sundome

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Next among our best camping tents is another budget option, the ​Coleman Sundome Tent. Coleman makes this model in four different sizes -- two, three, four, and six-person. On top of that, Coleman even offers other Sundome tents with darkroom technology for those late-day sleepers.

​Today, we will talk about the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent. There's only one door on these items, but there are windows as well as ground vents to keep things cool.

  • Maximum weight: 19 pounds
  • Tent measurements: ​9 feet x 7 feet x 4 feet 11 inches
  • Floor Size: 9 x 7 feet
  • Peak height: 4 feet 11 inches
  • Canopy fabric: durable Polyguard™
  • Floor fabric: welded floor
  • Footprint not included
  • Rainfly included
  • Port so you can easily run electricity into the tent
  • Mesh ceiling so you can easily sleep under the stars if you don't need the rainfly


There are thousands of positive reviews online for this tent. Many users said that setup is a breeze. There are a ton of reviews that state there is plenty of room, as well as excellent durability.

​On the downside, one user said with all the ventilation; this item is great when it's warm outside. But they find it to be a little less so when it's cold. A few users reported that they got wet in this tent. But we already know you can avoid that by treating the tent before you head out.

​Additionally, a few customers reported that there were quality control issues. So, as soon as your tent arrives, set it up and make sure it's good to go while you can still get another one on the return policy.

​MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

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Finally, we will round out this list with a super-light backpacking tent called the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent. MSR designed this tent to be easy to set up as well as carry over long distances.

​This two-door, three-season, two-person tent is ideal for those of you on the move. This item even has a "fast and light" setup option where you can use the footprint, poles, and rainfly instead of setting up the entire tent.

  • Maximum weight: 3 pounds 13 ounces
  • Minimum weight: 3 pounds 7 ounces
  • Floor Size: 84 x 50 inches
  • Floor area: 29 square feet
  • Peak height: 39 inches
  • Canopy fabric: 15-denier nylon mesh over 20-denier ripstop nylon
  • Floor fabric: 30-denier ripstop nylon
  • Footprint not included
  • Rainfly included
  • Two vestibules


And the positive reviews back up those numbers. First, many users report that they love not only how light this tent is, but also how simple it is to set up.

​Additionally, this tent reportedly performs very well in nasty weather and is incredibly durable. On the negative side, there are a few reviews of equipment failure with the poles.

​Now Grab Your Gear And Let The Adventure Begin

There you have it folks, the top five best camping tents on the market for 2019. While we can't make your decision for you, the way to figure out the best camping tents for you personally is to figure a few things out. First, decide where you will be using the tent you're considering. Next, factor in the number of people you'll be taking with you. After that, make sure you'll still have room for supplies.

After that, it's just a matter of considering the features that will benefit you and going from there. Now get out there and have some fun in nature!


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