Fenix Headlamp Review – the Best Product for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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For outdoor enthusiasts, the darkness or night shouldn't prevent you from doing the things you love. Hunting, running, hiking, or even just camping in the backyard is possible with the right lighting. A Fenix headlamp might provide the proper levels of illumination, allowing you to enjoy these activities at any time.

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You want to enjoy every last minute you possibly can when the weather is nice. Then there are adventure seekers who love to trek mountains and difficult trails year-round. No matter what your level of experience is, a headlamp is essential in some settings. Strobe lights, SOS features in emergencies, and pinpoint light fields allow you to see where you're going. And some headlamps will help keep you safe in dangerous or compromising situations.

If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy them in the dark, you need the right equipment. Let's find the best headlamp for outdoor use, regardless of the types of adventures you plan on tackling.

About Fenix Headlamps

Fenix headlamps are comfortable and provide sufficient lighting for outdoor excursions. From hiking to mountaineering, there's a headlamp available for every outdoor enthusiast. There are products available for work conditions and outdoor adventures.

With overhead bands as well as simple round-band designs, the company places a focus on comfort. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company has several lighting products for nearly any situation.

Beam distance and lumens

Run times and battery options

Primary uses and optional features

fenix waterproof

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Then there are some headlamps which have optional features. A strobe or SOS light is excellent for emergencies. Some consumers prefer a rechargeable battery, and a red LED is ideal for some outdoor conditions. An overhead band is also an optional feature that will increase comfort levels for some consumers.

Furthermore, waterproofing, as well as other weatherproofing, are traits which set the best headlamps apart from others. Consider these as well as other vital characteristics in deciding which light to purchase.

The Pros and Cons of Owning One

Like all products, there are several benefits and drawbacks of choosing to own a Fenix headlamp. 


Some of the benefits include:

  • High lumens and long distance lighting
  • Optional features like red light, strobe, and SOS lights
  • Overhead design for some products to increase wearability/comfort
  • Long battery life and average runtimes
  • Lightweight design and waterproofing for all-weather use


Some of the drawbacks worth mentioning are:

  • Owners can't zoom the light onto a specific point
  • Bugs might move towards the light around your face in dark areas
  • More massive headlamps might strain the neck and shoulders
  • Some headlights aren't as sturdy and move
  • Lack of directional control (with flashlights owners can choose where to point the light)

How Much Will a Fenix Headlamp Set You Back? The Average Prices

The price of a Fenix headlamp varies significantly from one product to the next. The optional features and overhead design increase prices on specific models. Those with rechargeable batteries are also more expensive than those with disposable batteries.

What Did We Consider When Comparing Fenix Headlamps and Other Products?

In our review, we focused on several product characteristics. We compared the lumens and the beam distance of the best headlamps. Next, we looked at the optional features and safety features of each product. Battery runtime was crucial in the review as well.

We also included information about comfort, design, and wearability in our analysis. Last, the price of headlamps and overall construction were aspects we discuss in the review. In comparing Fenix headlamps and competitors products, this information helps consumers find the best fit for them.

The Best Fenix Headlamp Models

There are nearly 20 Fenix headlamp models for consumers to select from the manufacturer. These are some of the best selling models available.

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This product is one of the best Fenix headlamps, as it has a 1,000-lumen output capacity. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery. It includes the red light and spotlight flood beam. Holding down the spotlight switch for five seconds powers it on.

There's a 60-degree tilt mechanism built into this headlamp. This feature helps prevent activation of the light when owners don't want to turn it on. It's ideal for mountaineering, caving, or snowy areas. This fact is accurate because of the long beam distance and powerful lumen projection.

The headlamp has a reflective panel. This feature is great in dark conditions, so others know wearers are present in the area. The micro USB makes recharging the battery a cinch in no time at all. A low battery level indicator informs owners when they need to charge it. A neutral white flood light ensures better rendering and penetration. It also helps balance color discrepancies in certain areas.

One customer loves how bright the headlamp is. They also like the overhead band design. It helps keep the light in place when they move their head around. In another review, however, the customer indicates their battery wouldn't recharge with the USB. They had to use a different charger with the headlamp.

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This headlamp has a 950-lumen output and is also rechargeable. The USB port allows for go-anywhere charging, and the light beam extends out to a distance of nearly 400 feet. The runtime on this headlamp is about 100 hours, so owners aren't going to have to recharge it after every use. The battery life will last for multiple outdoor excursions.

A neutral white light guarantees better color rendering under challenging conditions. There are five output modes including a red light alert and SOS mode. It features an ANSI IPX-8 waterproof rating. It's perfect for climbing in high altitudes or cave crawling.

Astonishingly bright light and the easy USB charging are two key characteristics one reviewer appreciates. Another reviewer indicates the product is excellent when it works. Lack of consistency is an issue this customer highlights.

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This Fenix headlamp also features an overhead design like the others. The 900-lumen output features a burst mode and strobe light setting. The design of the headpiece ensures even weight distribution, so the headlamp isn't going to weigh down the head or cause discomfort to the neck. It features a 18650 battery and IPX-8 waterproof rating. The all-metal housing won't damage as quickly as other headlamps in caves or on tough terrains.

The CR123A batteries last for approximately 150 hours runtime before owners have to replace them. An easy side switch has an on/off switch. The weight (without battery) is just over four ounces. So owners will barely notice they have the headlamp on at all.

One owner loves the waterproof rating and how bright the light is. They suggest that for kayaking and water sports it is the perfect headlamp. Another reviewer, however, had a poor experience with this product. They indicate it wasn't working upon receipt. The customer had a bad experience when they had to call customer service. They suggest the company didn't offer much assistance.

How About Its Competition?

In addition to Fenix, there are several other competitors in the headlamp marketplace. Consumers should consider a few of these options when purchasing a new headlamp for outdoor use.

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This headlamp has a triple-power LED and one double-power LED. When owners combine these, it can produce up to 300 lumens of output. The double-power LED has a red light for nighttime visibility. Additionally, it has a strobe function to warn others and alert people in the event of danger.

The low-profile design is easy to put around the head, and the adjustable strap also ensures high levels of comfort. It operates on three AAA batteries. There's a programmable light setting memory function on this headlamp, so it remembers the setting owners last had it on when they turn it on for the next outdoor use. Furthermore, a three-level power meter shows the remaining battery life on the headlamp.

One reviewer was happy with how many features the headlamp offers for a reasonable price point. They also like the band design and state how comfortable it is for long periods of use. In another review, however, the customer notes it doesn't operate in cold temperatures. Twice it didn't work in temperatures that were 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

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This headlamp is capable of connecting via Bluetooth to connect with the My PetzlLight App. It produces up to 750 lumens and has a constant lighting function. This feature guarantees the light will remain on with constant luminosity during the lighting period. Reactive lighting automatically adapts for the situation or location.

There are multiple light cones for distance and closeup, and it has a rechargeable 3100 mAh battery. The mobile application allows owners to operate the headlamp using their smart devices. They can also check real-time information about their lamp anywhere using Bluetooth connectivity.

One reviewer suggests the NAO+ is an excellent upgrade from the NAO. The constant luminosity, the app, and lighting cones are all nice additions. One reviewer was upset about the product's battery life. They indicate it only lasts half as long as the manufacturer claims it does.

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The Coast headlamp has a 530-lumen output capacity and features a twin-focusing optic system. The system has a flood beam and a bulls-eye spot beam option. Owners can adjust lumens from low to high. Low settings are 65 lumens with high reaching 530 lumens. And the beam distance reaches 510 feet on high and nearly 180 feet on low. The average runtime is 2.15 hours (high) on a full charge.

The headlamp has an IPX-4 waterproof rating, so owners can use it in certain rainy conditions. The aluminum body also has a drop rating of 1-meter (up to 3.3 feet). Consumers receive a Coast lifetime warranty that backs the frame of the headlamp for life.

In one review, the customer indicates this headlamp is perfect for all trails. From running to hiking in open spaces, it operates seamlessly in dark conditions. Another reviewer suggests the light is bright and efficient. The issue they indicate is that it would not recharge.

A Fenix Headlamp or the Competition? the Best Headlamp for Everyday Outdoor Use

With several headlamps to choose from, it can be challenging to decide on the best one for outdoor use. For general use, the Black Diamond Revolt is an excellent choice. The headband is comfortable, and it has a practical side on/off switch for operation.

The 300 lumens output is sufficient for most low-light areas. It has a red light as well as a strobe feature for dangerous situations or emergencies. Although it's not excellent for cold weather, for everyday use, it should suffice.

The Fenix HL60R is perfect for extreme outdoor sports and adventures. It has five light output modes including SOS and red light strobe. This feature makes it easy for others to find you in the event of an emergency.

The overhead band design keeps the Fenix headlamp in place. It has a 100-hour runtime so that owners don't have to charge it often. And the USB charger allows you to recharge the battery virtually anywhere. Add in the comfortable fit, white light balance, and reasonable price, and you can't go wrong with this model.


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