North Face Hiking Boots: Will They Be with You on Your next Hike?

North Face hiking boots

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you're on a hike, and you've almost reached the peak of the mountain. Your foot starts throbbing. You wish you chose a better pair of boots to wear, but you can't go back now. Some experts believe that by 2060, more adults will begin hiking than other outdoor activities. All of those adults will need the right hiking boots. Do North Face hiking boots fill that bill?

Of course, there is no one perfect hiking boot. If you hike in the mountains, you will want warmer boots. If you choose to hike through tropical rainforests, you will need waterproof boots. There are many things to consider when buying hiking boots, and North Face knows this by selling a variety of options.

Comparison Table

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What Are North Face Hiking Boots?

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North Face has many different hiking boots to choose from. The boots in their collection vary in price and style, and they have boots for men and women. Their mission at the North Face is to "provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors and inspire a global movement of exploration."

The North Face hiking boots fit that mission perfectly because the boots are high quality and great for the outdoors. The variety of boots means that you can find something for any budget or style.

Product Specs

While each style of hiking boots is slightly different, there are a few features that they all share. The three styles covered in this review are all imported, and they all completely cover the foot and the ankle. Each of the styles also come in different colors.

Other than that, the styles have many differences. Some boots are leather, and others are suede. A couple of boots use laces, but not all of them.

Customer Reviews

Many customers seem happy with their North Face hiking boots. According to customers, both of the men's boots run small. One customer knew this before purchasing, so they bought a size up. Another customer bought a size up, but they still didn't fit.

Customers love the women's boots. Multiple reviews say they are nice and comfortable. The only negative review for the women's boots says they are comfortable if you don't need wiggle room.

Small sizing seems to be a common complaint with North Face hiking boots because yet another customer said they had to purchase a larger size. However, many customers love how comfortable their hiking boots are.


The North Face hiking boots have a huge price range of $60 to $210 depending on the style. The Men's Chilkat III Pull Insulated Boot costs $95 to $210, but many of the sizes are at the lower end of that range. The Men's Snowfuse Insulated Boot is a bit more affordable with a price of $60 to $110, depending on the size. Most of the sizes cost $65 to $70.

The Women's Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boot costs $100 to $140. Most of the sizes cost $125 to $140.

North Face Boots for Everyone

North Face makes many different hiking boots to suit your needs and style. The boots come in different materials, and some of the boots have traditional laces while others are slip on boots.

Men's Chilkat III Pull Insulated Boot

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The Men's Chilkat III Pull Insulated Boot is made of leather and is insulated. No need to worry about laces, because these boots slip on your feet. The boots are waterproof, and the sole has a reliable grip.

Men's Snowfuse Insulated Boot

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These boots are suede, and they are waterproof. Lined with fleece, these boots are comfortable, and you can wear them all day. The midsole has a nice cushion, and the sole offers good traction.

Women's Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX Hiking Boot

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These women's boots are manmade leather. They are lightweight and waterproof, and they have a breathable mesh on the sides. These mid-height boots allow your feet and ankles to move freely while still providing you with enough support for your activities.

How It Compares

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North Face hiking boots face competition from brands such as RAX, Eddie Bauer and Merrell. Each of the boots we are reviewing match up with boots from one of these brands. All of the boots have something to offer, so it is worth comparing the boots to find the perfect pair for you.

How We Reviewed

To learn about North Face specifically, we read through their company page. We looked through customer reviews to figure out how people feel about North Face hiking boots. Sticking to Amazon, we also used Amazon's recommendations to find comparable products for this review.

RAX Men's

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Similar to the Chilkat III boots, the RAX Men's Outdoor Anti-Slip Boots are imported and made of leather. The boots have a rubber sole, and they are slip-resistant and water-resistant. The sole provides good traction, so you don't have to worry when walking on different surfaces.

Eddie Bauer

[amazon box=”B07S81LCCH”]

The competitor to the Snowfuse boots is the Eddie Bauer Men's Snowfoil Boots. Both pairs have 200 grams of insulation. This amount of insulation is great for walking around town or for outside activity. The Eddie Bauer boots have a nice footbed.

Like the other boots mentioned before, one complaint among customers is the smaller size of the boots. These boots are well liked though.


[amazon box=”B01HGVY12S”]

Moving to women's boots, we are comparing the Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boots to the women's boots from North Face. While the North Face boots are leather, the Merrell boots are synthetic. Both have a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane. The membrane keeps water out while allowing the boot to remain breathable.

Both boots have good Amazon reviews. Customers recommend buying a size up because the boot will be tight otherwise. One customer complained about the insoles and said the boots were worse than what you can get at Walmart.

Pros and Cons

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As with any product, or line of products, the North Face hiking boots have both pros and cons. The pros are exactly what you want to see in hiking gear; different styles and prices, and good company history. In general, the cons are small things that you can avoid when you know what to look before you decide to buy.

The Pros

There are different styles. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can find good hiking boots from North Face. They also have multiple men's styles and numerous women's styles. You don't have to feel stuck with one option for your hiking boots.

You can find something to fit your budget. Since North Face makes different styles of boots, some styles will cost more and others less. That means that no matter your budget, you can find a pair that you like.

The North Face company has been around for more than 50 years, and it has developed a reputation for quality products. In that time, the company has developed many different products for outdoor exploration. Their mission is to help people explore, and they do just that with their line of boots.

The Cons

They run small. If you aren't aware of how small the hiking boots are, you will be shocked when you try them on. Many customers have to go up a size to find a pair that fits. Since you are reading this review, you can prepare, but some customers report a bigger size discrepancy than others. If there are stores near you, shop in store so you can try a pair before purchasing.

They might not last. While this wasn't common, one customer did have a seam rip after wearing the hiking boots for only 20 minutes. If you are going to buy hiking boots, you want to be sure your boots will last. You will be taking a gamble on any pair you buy, but you want a good gamble.

They aren't always as described. Another reason to try in store when you can, one customer said the color of the women's boots wasn't accurate. She said the boots were a lighter gray than what was pictured. If you are flexible on the exact color, this won't be a problem, but it is something to be aware of, especially when buying online.

Take a Hike in These Boots

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Overall, the North Face hiking boots are a good choice for your next adventure. There are a few cons, but you can avoid those negative features by planning. Buy up a size, and don't expect the colors to be exact. The other con seems to be rare, but keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't happen to you.

North Face does have some great competitors. The RAX, Eddie Bauer and Merrell boots all fare quite well for customers, so you really can't go wrong with any of the boots we mentioned. Most of the ratings for the boots are at or above four stars, despite the size problem.

If you want a great hiking boot, then North Face is for you. They have a variety of hiking boots to fit your style and budget. There are some cons, like the small sizing, but buy up a size to avoid the issue of small boots.

Next time, take a hike in your new North Face hiking boots. It'll be worth it.

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