Under Armour Hiking Boots: Are These Your New Hiking Boots?

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The prospect of wearing a pair of Under Armour hiking boots may raise some eyebrows. After all, Under Armour is known for high-performance undergarments, not boots. Well, Under Armour is not just your everyday clothing manufacturer. Their clothing products are popular for wicking moisture and boosting muscle performance. The result is an outstanding performance that keeps a person dry and cool. Does this know-how put them in a position to make hiking boots? We say it does.

Comparison Table

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Users say that Under Armour hiking boots are easy to break in and remain light on your feet. They also quickly dry whenever they come in contact with water. Where hikers used to wait for at least a day for many boots to dry, they can rely on Under Armour's to be functional in a few hours. Finally, these boots are super comfortable and are for prolonged wear. The question is how they hold up to the competition.

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Should You Always Use Hiking Boots On A Hike?

The truth is, you don't necessarily need hiking boots on the trail. Depending on the type of trail and the time you intend to spend on it, you can afford the luxury of swapping your boots for comfortable running shoes. They're lighter and get the job done. In some instances, you can actually hike barefoot according to the Society For Barefoot Living. That may not be for everyone, but many report that barefoot hiking has its advantages.

However, when you're hiking in unfavorable weather such as rain, mud, or rocky terrain, without a doubt quality hiking boots are non-negotiable. Here's why. First, they have great traction. Also, most have a high cuff which protects your ankles from rolling. Finally, hiking boots keep your feet dry in wet conditions. As a result, you have the best chance of finishing an expedition with your health intact.

In addition to consumer-grade hiking boots, Under Armour produces a line of highly rated tactical boots that allow you maximum comfort when tackling the outdoors. Could one of these boots be your new hikers for 2019?

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About Under Armour Hiking Boots

Although the construction may vary from one model to another, a few key things remain consistent across all of them.

Waterproof and breathable material

The materials used on Under Armour hiking boots allow you to trek along shores, through small streams, and snow. When it comes to hot weather, the material also offers ventilation, so your feet don’t feel too warm. In addition to waterproofing, Under Armour hiking boots also feature a Gore-Tex lining for breathability. Overall, these boots ensure your feet are dry and comfortable through all terrains.

Rubber sole with great traction

The rubber sole ensures you have an exceptional grip on varied terrains. They also have multi-directional lugs to increase their traction. Additional features like a cushioned midsole, a toe cap, and a heel counter are also important for protection. And with Under Armour hiking boots, all of these things come standard.

High cuffs

A high cuff is important as it protects your ankle not just from injury but also from chafing and blisters. Under Armour hiking boots are big on safety, and that's why their boots feature comfortable materials on the cuff.

Anti-odor technology

Under Armour applies their anti-odor technology to the molded Ortholite® sock liner. That helps keep odor-causing microbes away from the shoe and your feet.

Quality doesn't come cheap

Under Armour hiking boots are built tough and built well. As a result, you'll find they're a bit more expensive than many discount hikers. How expensive? You can expect to pay between $60 and $300, depending on the model and the vendor.

How We Reviewed

Hiking is an exerting activity that works up a sweat even on your feet. For this reason, we reviewed the moisture wicking ability of the boots by looking at the construction material used on the interior. We also checked whether the boots are waterproof and how well they do when it comes to traction on various terrains. Finally, we looked at the general comfort of the shoe.

The Top 5 Under Armour Hiking Boots

As you hurl yourself into the wild, make sure you have the right gear. Have comfortable boots that have been crafted to surmount the challenges of a hike. Under Armour has boots for just about anyone who loves an outdoor challenge. Is one of them right for you?

1. Under Armour Stellar Hiking Boots

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There is a men's and women's version of the Under Armour Stellar hiking boot. It weighs approximately 16.06 ounces with a height of 8 inches. A reinforced midsole with a TPU shank adds support and enhances comfort. This boot is leather with some sections featuring breathable 900D nylon. This boot is excellent for hiking because it is generally lightweight and protects your ankles. The shoe’s interior utilizes an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.


  • Leather and nylon exterior
  • Polishable toe
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Rubber sole with lugs
  • Breathable nylon

This high-laced boot protects the whole foot and dries quickly. Consumers have rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It has a price range of $60 to $90, depending on your vendor. You can also purchase this item from Tactical gear.

2. Under Armour Valstez Side Zip

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This military style tactical boot is for hiking. The low profile rubber lug sole not only affords you traction but cushioned landings as well as explosive takeoffs. That's made possible by the rubber sole working in tandem with Micro G Foam, as well as a lightweight TPU shank that provides the right amount of rigidity and mid-foot support.

Anti-microbe technology on the built-in Ortholite® sock liner helps with odor management. This boot is made of durable synthetic textile and weighs approximately 26 ounces. The height of the boots is seven inches, and there are pads on the cuff for comfort.


  • Rubber sole
  • Powerful ankle support from a clutch fit technology
  • Synthetic leather and textile material for a light feel
  • Anti-odor technology

The clutch fit technology allows an ergonomic, snug fit for your ankles regardless of the terrain. Consumers give it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and the price ranges from $100 to $280. Alternatively, you can get it from the Under Armour website.

3. Under Armour Infil Hike GORE-TEX

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The Infil Hike is an attractive hiking boot that you can wear to the movies with your good jeans and not look like you escaped from the wilderness. The Vibram outsole performs impeccably, using a mega-grip rubber compound which has excellent traction. The scratch rubber heel overlay and molded rubber toe cap ensure comfort, protection, and durability while contributing to traction.

The boot's build provides a snug fit around your entire foot. It has a high-abrasion textile upper with an Anafoam overlay as well as Cupron anti-fungal and anti-microbial fibers.


  • Stylish design
  • Durable build of textile and rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof breathable GORE-TEX
  • Anti-odor technology

The pair weighs approximately 18.2 ounces and stands at the height of 7 inches tall. Consumers on Amazon have rated this item 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a price range of $110 to $220. Alternatively, you can also get it from Tactical Gear.

4. Under Armour Speed Freek

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When hiking, you're bound to be on your feet for hours, sometimes even for days. This high-performance boot ensures you stay comfortable, and protects your feet despite the challenges of different terrains and weather. The rubber sole ensures comfort and provides excellent traction.

The polyester waterproof exterior keeps your feet dry, while the Gore-Tex interior allows your feet to breathe and facilitates moisture wicking. This boot provides great ankle support when you need it. The lacing shanks allow you to tighten and loosen laces for the right fit. The boot weighs approximately 20 ounces and is 7 inches high.


  • Rubber sole
  • High lace shanks
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Gore-Tex breathable and moisture wicking textile
  • 100% waterproof polyester exterior

This boot is a good option for those hikes and expeditions where you need your feet protected from all hazardous elements. Consumers have rated this boot 5.0 out of 5 stars on The Public Safety Store. The price range is $100 to $200.

5. Under Armor Valstez RTS

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This hiking boot has the comfort of a running shoe. Its durable synthetic leather combined with tough textile upper gives the shoe a light feel. The pair weighs 10.05 ounces with 7 inches in height. If you like a snug fit, you'll enjoy the Under Armour clutch fit ankle support system that makes this boot super comfortable and protective. It firmly contours around your ankles encasing the area in comfort.

A low-profile rubber sole ensures good traction on varied terrain and weather. Plus the boot offers additional protection and stability using a TPU toe cap. The rubber sole in conjunction with a lightweight midfoot TPU shank and Micro G EVA midsole delivers all-day comfort for your feet regardless of the terrain. The anti-microbial sock liner kills odor-causing microbes, as well.


  • Mega grip rubber sole
  • Synthetic leather and textile upper for durability
  • The perimeter of the shoe is abrasion resistant
  • Anti-odor technology

Consumers give it 4.3 out of 5 stars on Under Armour's website, and they have a price range of $110 to $150.

How Do Other Brands Compare?

It is always advisable to look at more than one product when making a decision. Here are a few models that are similar to the Under Armour hiking boots we looked at.

Keen Targhee 3 GTX

[amazon box=”B01N23HMEY”]

Apart from offering protection on the trail, this hiking boot is quite fashionable. The leather overlays on the upper act as mud shields and protects the boot from abrasion. It has the NXT clean sport technology to help you keep your feet odor-free. It also comes with an all-terrain rubber sole that has four-millimeter lugs to facilitate multi-directional gripping. The rubber sole can tackle sloppy, rocky, dusty, and even muddy terrain with ease.

These boots are lightweight with a closure system that features ankle-hugging lace loops for the desired fit. The dual construction EVA midsole and metatomical footbed ensure comfort and stability.


  • Abrasion proof
  • Comfortable EVA midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • 100 percent leather and synthetic

Although a good fit for a day hike, the Under Armor Valstez RTS’s would be a better option for longer hikes. That's because the Valstez's sole protection is absolute, due to the presence of a TPU toe cap. It also guarantees better comfort for days on end as a result of the UA clutch-fit ankle support system. Consumers give the Keen Targhee 3 GTX 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It has a price range of $170 to $200.

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

[amazon box=”B00N9W05XI”]

This boot has a solid construction for the trail. It's lightweight — only 19.8 ounces. The boot’s tongue ensures a snug fit that stays that way as you climb, run, or just walk on different terrains. This comfort is accentuated further by the presence of a molded, removable EVA Ortholite footbed.

The waterproof exterior and six-inch high top cuff allow you to hit the trail all year long. The all-mountain rubber sole has excellent grip with high traction and additional protection provided by a rubber toe cap. Gore-Tex waterproof protection ensures breathability while keeping water at bay.


  • High traction rubber sole
  • Protective rubber toe cap
  • 100 percent textile and Nubuck leather

When pitted against the Under Armour Speed Freek seven-inch, these two pairs go toe to toe regarding features. The Speed Freek weighs 20 ounces to the Salomon’s 19.8 ounces. They both also utilize GORE-TEX for breathability to their users. Their performance is also at par because they can both tackle really extreme terrains with ease. This Salomon is tough with admirable durability. Consumers on Amazon have ranked it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and it has a price range of $120 to $290.

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

[amazon box=”B01LY1IDEX”]

This hiking boot combines the flexibility of leather and textile to offer great performance when on the trail. The rubber sole has great traction that gives you stability when tackling very steep trails like slippery slopes, hill, rock, as well as beating through the brush.

To ensure the shoe hugs and contours to your feet, Scarpa utilizes a soft fit DV construction. It works in tandem with an asymmetric lace system that allows you to adjust the fit to your preference. To optimize weight and performance, this shoe has incorporated a three-density EVA midsole. The pair weighs approximately 20.8 ounces, which is considerably lightweight and ideal for those long hikes. The GORE-TEX ensures your feet remain dry and comfortable because of its moisture-wicking properties, in addition to being waterproof.


  • Rubbers sole
  • Asymmetric lace system
  • Three density EVA
  • 100% textile and leather
  • GORE-TEX performance
  • Sock-fit DV construction

Compared to the Under Armour Stellar, which weigh approximately 16.6 ounces, these boots are a bit heavier. That makes the Stellar excellent for those long, difficult hikes. Also, they come with anti-odor technology in the molded Ortholite® microbe-killing sock liner. The Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX is also abrasion-resistant. That means it's durable. Consumers give this Scarpa boot 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The price ranges between $170 and $250, depending on which vendor you purchase from. You can also find them on the Scarpa website.

The Hiking Boots For Your Next Excursion

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Image source: Pexels

So, which boots will you choose for your next expedition?

We highly recommend the Under Armour Infil Hike GORE-TEX. These are the best Under Armour hiking boots that work for a myriad of terrains. From the sleek look to the sturdy and comfortable construction, this boot is very adaptable. Additionally, it offers a multi-directional traction fit for any terrain, so you can really push yourself. With these boots, you can be sure of tackling the outdoors in utmost comfort, and give the trail all you’ve got without any inhibitions.


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