Ahnu Hiking Boots – Are They Superior to the Competition?

Ahnu Hiking Boots

Visiting any local outdoor supply store or online website, you already know there are dozens of hiking boots available. So, what sets Ahnu hiking boots apart from others? Whether it's the comfort, gripability, or overall superiority you seek, the right hiking boots are a must-have item. Hikers with years of experience know the importance of great hiking boots. However, beginners, need the best gear to keep them grounded, and to help prevent injuries on (and off) trails. Therefore, you want to know how to go about choosing the best pair for your on and off-trail hikes.

What makes a great pair of hiking boots? It's not a fresh design and colors that stand out from a distance. Instead, hikers have to look for features that protect their feet. These include a sturdy, stable, breathable, and waterproof upper-body to keep feet dry. Then, there's the midsole that provides a comfortable landing bed for your feet. And, the outsole keeps you upright. It helps prevent slipping, and grips onto the muddy or wet terrain, so you can maintain balance. Of course, comfort, mobility, and a breathable finish with waterproofing materials help further enhance wearability. So, now that you know some of the basics, which boots are the right boots for your feet? Let's take a step forward, and find the best pairs.

Comparison Table

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Important Characteristics
Hikers Should Look for in Ahnu Hiking Boots

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Before investing in a pair of Ahnu hiking boots, hikers must take their time comparing design, wearability, and fit. There are several areas to consider when comparing Ahnu hiking boots, and competitor's products. The comfort/fit, construction, hiking styles, trails, and upper material are some relevant aspects to consider.

Boot comfort

Boot construction for different hiking styles/trails

Upper material

Average Price of Ahnu Hiking Boots

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Some differences in high and low-ankle design and men's versus women's boots will cause prices to differ. However, for most Ahnu hiking boots, customers will pay $ to $$.

Pros and Cons of Ahnu Hiking Boots

Our Approach in Reviewing Ahnu Hiking Boots

The Best Ahnu Hiking Boots

When comparing Ahnu hiking boots, there are several options to consider. There are boots for men and women, further expanding the product availability. Below are some of the best products in the Ahnu line, for both male and female hikers.

Women's Ahnu hiking boots

Comfort, design, grip, and an ergonomic frame are some critical traits for women to seek out when buying hiking boots. These are some of the best varieties for women from Ahnu.

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These boots have a leather and synthetic material upper finish. The shaft measures approximately halfway up the length of the calf. The nubuck upper helps increase waterproofing and keeps feet dry in wet and muddy conditions. A pig-leather lining increases interior comfort.

It has an eVent waterproof exterior. This finish helps prevent water from penetrating the external surface of the boot, keeping wearers comfortable and dry. The boot has a neutral foot positioning. Additionally, the arch helps keep feet upright and securely in place to prevent ankle injuries while hiking. They're great for on and off-trail hikes, with a thick lug traction outsole.

This reviewer indicates the boots were uncomfortable. She notes that she had problems with the width/fit, and there were blisters on her feet after use.

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These boots have a Vibram outsole, with a one-inch arch in the heel. They have Numentum technology and padding around the ankles and tongue. The arc measures 5.75 inches from the shaft, helping keep feet in line and straight while hiking. This design helps prevent turning ankles or injuries off-trail.

The waterproof exterior keeps feet dry in all weather conditions and trail types. A pull-on loop on the back of the boot makes it easier to put them on as well. The mid-cut design helps increase stability and traction, and it protects the ankles from injuries.

One reviewer notes they're okay for casual hikes or smooth, even terrain. However, she notes that for challenging hikes and off-trail hikes, she doesn't rely on these boots.

[amazon box=”B010X0QWVM”]

The mid-height hiking shoe has a leather and synthetic upper finish. A synthetic sole and the 3.9-inch shaft positions feet perfectly in the hiking boot. This height helps minimize movement of the heel to protect the ankle from injuries. The eVent bootie is waterproof and helps keep feet dry.

The waterproof leather features a hydrophobic mesh design. This texture is breathable, light, and keeps feet dry in all weather conditions. The Vibram Duragrip outsole is excellent for off-trail hikes, with excellent traction below the feet. Directional lugs help hikers remain upright and prevent slips on muddy terrain.

In one review, the customer indicates the quality is superior, and the boots are very comfortable. The only drawback is they aren't going to last very long. This hiker claims her boots began to give out on her after only one year of ownership.

Men's Ahnu hiking boots

With several great Ahnu hiking boots for men, it's important to differentiate the types of hiking trails you'll trek. These are some of the best Ahnu hiking boots available for men.

[amazon box=”B01FALZHCE”]

For flat trails and low-profile terrains, these hiking shoes are excellent. They have a low heel and ankle design, and leather upper that's fully waterproof. The shoes have a PU shank, and superior arch support as well.

With an EVA midsole feet feel comfortable and hikers have an even landing place for their feet. A shock plate helps minimize the impact on feet when hiking on some surfaces.

In this review, the customer indicates the shoes aren't comfortable. They're too stiff and narrow for their feet.

[amazon box=”B01F9DGZ42″]

This hiking boot is 100 percent leather, with a shaft measuring 5.5 inches from the arch. They're lightweight and have built-in insulation to keep feet warm in the cold. An EVA midsole makes the stepping base comfortable on hikers also.

A balanced and centered design evenly distributes weight. The tongue has padding, as does the area around the ankles. So, the boots feel comfortable, no matter what demanding hiking challenges wearers encounter.

[amazon box=”B072QGZ2C5″]

These hiking shoes are lightweight and contain an EVA midsole with shock absorption properties. The low ankle design makes them easy to mobilize in for a quick, short hiking trail.

They're waterproof with a custom lacing system and have a gripping rubber outsole. The hikers have a NeutralPositioning System (NPS) and deep-lug outsole to keep feet in place at all times.

In this review, the customer notes a ridge on the shoe is uncomfortable. And, the poor arch support also causes discomfort when hiking with these Ahnu hiking shoes.

Step in the Competitors: The Best Hiking Boots from Competitors

Of course, it's important to know what competitors have to offer as well. When comparing Ahnu hiking boots against other top brands, these are a couple of great options to select.

[amazon box=”B01MZAVQO”]

This hiking boot has Keen-Dry technologies. It's a proprietary waterproof membrane keeping hikers dry and letting vapor out to keep feet dry. The metatomical footbed conforms to wearer's feet. They provide excellent arch support and allow hikers to move while cradling the foot's natural contour.

A leather mud shield on the boots ensures dryness and comfort. Mesh paneling also helps increase breathability. The boots have Cleansport NXT™ to shield odors, and multi-directional lugs keep hikers upright.

One reviewer notes after about 30 miles of hiking, the soles began to break apart. They indicate that the boots aren't as durable as other Keen boots.

[amazon box=”B07KKLLQBD”]

This boot has M Select™ DRY to seal water out and keep wearers dry. A suede upper with mesh paneling also helps create a more breathable and comfortable boot.

A closed-seal foam tongue helps keep debris out of the boots. The Merrell M Select™ FIT.ECO+ blended EVA midsole also conforms to wearer's feet. A 5-millimeter lug tread and Vibram® TC5+ sole create a sturdy base for hiking off-trail.

This reviewer notes the boots are excellent and comfortable. However, they don't allow moisture to escape.

Are Ahnu Hiking Boots Superior to the Competition?

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Ahnu is a premier brand for men and women alike who are looking for new hiking boots. The brand recognition, however, doesn't automatically mean its the best boot for you.

Women who want a pair of Ahnu hiking boots will love the Ahnu Sugarpine boots. They're waterproof, and have a high-top finish to protect ankles from rolling and injuries. The Vibram heel has a one-inch arch to help decrease over-exertion of weight on the heels. They also have the Numentum technology, creating an efficient, stable stride on off-trail or wet-trail hikes. The padding on the tongue and around the ankles also increases wearability and comfort. A Vibram outsole and waterproof exterior create a durable exterior finish for the boots.

For men, the top Ahnu hiking boots are the Ahnu® Orion. They're waterproof with a leather upper finish. They also have 200 grams insulation to help increase warmth in cold temperatures. The breathable technology, internal EVA midsole, and padding around the tongue help increase wearability/comfort. These boots are light for their size as well. So, they don't slow hikers down off the trail.

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