Camping Grounds That Are Kid-Friendly and Aren’t Boring

Camping Grounds That Are Kid-Friendly and Aren't Boring

Trying to find kid-friendly camping grounds isn’t a walk in the park. Lots of parks claim that they’re kid-friendly, but are they going to help combat the boredom? Kids are easily entertained but lose interest fast. To keep up, you’ve got to have some things to offer them to cure that boredom.

I’ve actually stayed in one of the campgrounds below. Between the pool and looking for gemstones, 12-year-old me had so much to do; I don’t remember saying the word bored. These campgrounds are clean, safe, and truly family friendly, making sure that your vacation is stress-free. And that's exactly what a vacation is supposed to be. But -- what exactly constitutes a kid-friendly camping ground?

What Are Kid-Friendly Camping Grounds?

What Are Kid-Friendly Camping Grounds

Kid friendly campgrounds are just like any other campgrounds, but they're often more secure and family friendly. There are a plethora of things for the little ones to do to occupy their time. The kids get to have fun, which gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Some people find that camping can get boring, especially when they have to juggle children along with everything else, but in reality, kids aren’t hard to entertain. There are plenty of ways you can capture the attention of children, all while having fun, in a family-focused campground. So take a breath because planning a great family adventure doesn't have to be hard.

Camping with children safely

When it comes to camping with kids, you have to sure to be even more safety conscious. If you're out in a regularly used campground, where you have to purchase a camping spot, you shouldn't have many problems. If you decide to wander off the beaten path, you will likely have to be a little more cautious.

Be sure that there isn't anything to trip over in your camping area. Also, check to see if there is a clean water station nearby and practice water safety. Before you leave for your trip be sure, you've packed plenty of appropriate clothing, a first aid kit, and the proper shoes or boots. Keeping your food safe is another important rule to follow if there are larger wild animals like deer or bears in the area. Safety, when you're camping, should be priority number one.

Where Can I Take My Kids Camping?

There are dozens of campgrounds that are family friendly and would be great for kids. They sprawl across the country. Some of them even have some great attractions, like diamond mines and Santa Clause. When you're camping with kids, it can sometimes be challenging to find something for them to do. The campgrounds below are kid friendly and have a multitude of things for your kids to do. They won't be able to find the time to be bored. Some of these campgrounds are more popular than others, and some are much more secluded. You'll need to take that into account when you're thinking about a great place to camp with the kids.

Newburgh KOA Campground

Newburgh KOA Campground

Newburgh KOA is a pretty amazing family camping ground. It has apple orchards, pools, farmers markets, mini golf, a dog park and so much more. You can stay in the cabins that are on site, or you can settle into a tent or RV camping spot. Either way, there's still wifi and electricity, in case all the outdoor activities aren't enough to entertain the little ones.

This campground has a lot of amenities, and it's relatively populated. You shouldn't have many issues with wildlife when you're camping here. Of course, there are more dangers than wildlife in the world, so always keep an eye on your children. It's one campsite, though, that is so kid-friendly, they won't know what to do first -- which will allow you to relax while they're having all sorts of fun.

Delaware River Family Campground

Delaware River Family Campground

This lovely little campground takes a step down from the Newburgh and has a more traditional camping feel. You can rent cabins or pitch a tent. Unfortunately, these guys aren't open all year, so be sure to check the times they have posted. When they're open, they have a fantastic river rentals section. They rent different kinds of watercraft, such as kayaks, tubes, and more.

They also sport game rooms, playgrounds, a performance pavilion, cable television, swimming pools, and both basketball and volleyball courts. It's going to be hard to find yourself bored at this family-friendly campground. There are even events planned out on the weekends for the whole family.

Jellystone Park

Jellystone Park

This park has every camping option from tents to cabins, including yurts and tipis. They also have fun and loveable mascots that show up during events. Not only are there plenty of options for shelter, but there are some great attractions that you can find locally. There is a zoo, a museum of nature and science, and even botanical gardens you can visit. Along with the fact that they're open all year, you'll find that you don't need to just plan for the summer. They have several locations across the United States, and some have waterparks right in the camping grounds.

This park, depending on the location you pick, has different options for family fun. From botanical gardens to water slides, there are a lot of things to do to keep the kids from using the word bored. If you're not entirely committed to a long experience, they offer day passes and have a bunch of special offers and programs you might be able to take advantage of.

Herkimer Diamond KOA

Herkimer Diamond KOA

I've personally been to this campground, and it is a delightful experience. The main attraction here is the Herkimer Diamond Mines. These diamonds are actually just incredibly clear quartz, but they are so brilliant that they resemble diamonds. With a plethora of quartz studded stones and tiny Herkimer diamonds all over the place, this quarry is a great attraction. The campgrounds themselves are luxurious as well, with over a hundred different campgrounds along the West Canada Creek. You can get a deluxe cabin, a full RV hookup zone, plain tent sites, or sites with water and electric -- and that's only a few of the selections.

There is also a pool, a dog park, a snack bar, a camping kitchen, bike rentals, pavilions, wifi and more. This camping ground does a great job at providing you with an excellent experience; they even plan activities regularly. If you manage to camp in the mid to late summer, you may even be around for the Herkimer Gem Festival, which is one weekend a year scheduled in advance at any point through June and August. This event is massive with so many gemstones, vendors and food trucks you can't look at them all. Even without the Gem Fest, the Herkimer Diamond KOA is a great, safe, family-friendly campground for you to spend some time.

Fort Yargo

Fort Yargo

This campsite has over eighteen hundred acres at its disposal with plenty of campsites of all different kinds. Playgrounds guarantee you'll have a place for smaller kids to hang out safely. Pair that with the boating, disco, gold exploring, fishing, geocaching, hiking and more, and you won't know what boredom is. There are plenty of attractions around these delightful family-friendly camping grounds, allowing you to get off your campsite if you get tired of the scenery.

This park is so well kept, people come here to get married on occasion. That helps solidify the fact that it's beautiful as well as safe. They have camping options for all budgets, from tents to cabins, with some yurts in between. If you're into roughing it, or you would rather have an experience closer to glamping, Fort Yargo has great camping grounds for family fun.

Lake Rudolph

Fort Yargo

This camping ground is also an RV resort, and it has a festive vibe all year. It's the closest camping ground to the holiday world theme park and the splashing safari water parks, just providing you two different places you can go off of your campsite for some fun. On-site there's plenty to do, there's free wifi, golf cart rentals, and a shuttle to take you all over the camping grounds. Add in regularly scheduled events and a waterpark, and it's easy to see why a kid would love a place like this. There are plenty of different camping options, from tents to yurts to cabins.

Vacationing at any point in the year is available, so if you want to stop by in the middle of summer -- or winter -- you can. There is even a Santa that pops up from time to time, and a massive light show as some of the attractions. They feature a swimming pool, playgrounds, basketball courts, paddleboats gem mining, and so much more. It is one camping ground where you won't have a hard time finding something to do. It's a massive campground, with plenty to keep you occupied all year round.

Lake George Escape

Lake George Escape

This camping escape is one that is easy to love. It's inexpensive, and there are a lot of different spaces to accommodate RV's and tents of all kids. There are camping sites that have different views, and ups and downs. For example, you can get a sunny site or one on the waterfront. There are also cabins you can rent if you'd rather sleep in something more like a house. Lake George offers up heated swimming pools, sandy beaches, playgrounds, free wifi and cable, and luxury amenities like showers and restrooms, as well as dumping stations for your waste. Their rec hall has an arcade, a store, and plenty of scheduled activities.

From gem mining to wagon rides and bonfires, this is one of the few camping grounds that has gotten the kid-friendly idea right. It's safe, clean, and easy to keep all kids at just about any age entertained. There's an arcade, so you're not going to hear the word bored. Those are only the things you can do inside the campgrounds. Outside the grounds, there's much more to explore. There's a giant list of waterparks, rodeos, and even the largest marble cave entrance very close to this campground.

Echo Park Campground

Echo Park Campground

This campground is much more offroad than the others. It doesn't have wifi, or cable, or even a waterslide. Some people prefer to unplug when they go camping. If you're trying to move your family away from technology and into the wilderness, Echo Park is your place. It's very simple, but also very secure, with sites that can accommodate both tents and trucks with camper tops. There is only one handicapped-accessible site, so if you have special needs, reserve as soon as possible. They also have a special site for groups larger than nine.

These camping grounds are the one place on the list where you'll be roughing it. So you'll need to come prepared if you want the word bored to vanish from your kids' vocabulary. There aren't even showers at this campground, the perfect place to help teach kids about the great outdoors. Thankfully you can keep kids entertained without all the bells and whistles.

Where’s Your Next Camping Trip?

North Bend Park Campground

Any of the above camping grounds are great for camping with kids -- you just need to know what you’re looking for. Do you want to find diamonds in a real mine? How about visiting Santa and Rudolph on their off hours? There are tons of adventures to have in kid-friendly camping grounds. You need to prepare in advance, be safe, learn about the area, and know where the fun is hiding.

Camping with kids when you don’t have a plan is hard enough. Bored kids can fray nerves and make camping a frustrating vacation instead of a relaxing one. So, where are you going on your next camping trip? Did you have a great experience at one of these campgrounds? Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!


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