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Lowa hiking boots

Women and men know that finding the perfect pair of hiking boots can make or break their outdoor experience. I was recently shopping for a new pair of hiking boots when I came across Lowa hiking boots.

It was one of the many brands I was comparing that sell gender-specific hiking boots. That is a feature that not every manufacturer focuses on. However, it is one which is very important for sizing and fit purposes. So I began to delve into the top brands. Comparing fit, comfort, and design features in search of the perfect boot.

Comparison Table

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Although I've yet to find the perfect boot, I did learn some things in my search. Every boot has a different sizing guide in place. Therefore, the most critical thing for hikers to do is to try boots on before purchasing them. Even if buying boots online, it's a good idea to visit a local shop and try on several pairs.

Doing this allows you to at least find the best form and fit. From there, it's honestly a matter of personal preference of color, insole and outsole, and other design characteristics. Many manufacturers also introduce new technologies and liners for greater comfort levels. Some offer different waterproofing and insulation for greater warmth.

Depending on where you hike, these might be some attributes to look for in new boots. The options are endless when it comes to comparing hiking boots. But one area you can't compromise on is the fit and comfort. Hiking season is approaching fast. Do you have the right boots yet?

About Lowa Hiking Boots

When choosing a new pair of hiking boots, Lowa is one of the many brands to consider. It's important to understand the design and characteristics of their products to find the best pair. Before investing in Lowa hiking boots, men and women should compare them against leading manufacturers. Here are some distinguishing characteristics which set Lowa apart from competitors in the field.


Lowa hiking boots implement several great technologies that differentiate the brand from competitors. In fact, there are gender-specific features to help consumers find the perfect boot. Apart from that, there are different technologies for mountaineering, climbing, and trekking. Additionally, there are waterproofing and cushioning/insole designs that set them apart from competitors when it comes to comfort level as well.

For example, the mountaineering boots have a close to ground/rock technology to keep feet as close to the surface as possible. They also have an i-Core shock absorbing insole for higher levels of comfort.

Lowa Sole technology is another distinguishing characteristic of this brand. The Vibram® sole is available in mountaineering, close grip, and other designs. There's a sole for every hiking style and every hiking boot.

Women and men-specific boots feature an anatomical design guaranteeing the perfect fit for every wearer. Polyurethane insoles increase comfort and wearability. The I-Lock technology is a simple lacing system to help improve comfort levels for hikers. Then there are cold weather boots and Gore-Tex waterproof boots to handle all hiking conditions.

With several great technologies, every hiker can find a pair of Lowa hiking boots for their feet.

Lowa Hiking Boots Sizing

Every manufacturer relies on different sizing guidelines. Lowa hiking boots suggest consumers choose the same size hiking boot as their standard shoe size.

With this suggestion in mind, it's still essential for hikers to try on several pairs before selecting one. Doing this is the best way to find the right fit and comfort levels. That's especially true because Lowa has many series/styles of boots. And they have several built-in technologies in different boots which can cause differences in sizing.

The Best and Worst Features of Lowa Hiking Boots

There are obviously some benefits and drawbacks hikers must consider when comparing Lowa hiking boots. Some of the benefits of their boot line include:

  • Comfortable padding and collars on their boots
  • Gender-specific boots to promote the best fit/feel for hikers
  • Various technologies spread throughout their extensive selection of boots
  • Support and stability for hikers on all terrains
  • Boots are relatively lightweight considering the material finishes

There are some negatives that consumers must account for also. These include:

  • Issues with sizing for some of their boots
  • Some boots are stiff, causing discomfort for some hikers
  • They are expensive in a competitive marketplace
  • Not every boot has the specific features hikers are looking for

How Much Do Lowa Hiking Boots Cost?

Lowa hiking boots are available for men, women, and children. Prices for boots vary depending on the series and where consumers purchase them. Most boots are $100 to $400.

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Our Review Process: Comparing Lowa Hiking Boots vs. Competitors

In comparing Lowa hiking boots with other brands we considered several factors. The fit and comfort levels were among the essential characteristics of our review.

Additionally, we analyzed other manufacturers that sell men and women-specific boots. We also focused on companies that feature different technologies including waterproofing and custom insoles.

The overall quality and finishes were traits we include in our review. Last we looked at prices and customer ratings for each pair of boots. This information allows every consumer to make their decision with all the relevant information about the top-selling hiking boots.

The Lineup of Lowa Hiking Boots

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Lowa has several great hiking boots. These are a few of the top selling men's and women's boots the company manufactures.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

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The upper material of the boot is 100 percent leather with a breathable synthetic finish. The Vibram sole and 5-inch shaft provide excellent stability for hikers. It has a 1.75-inch heel allowing hikers to dig into wet or muddy terrain. A 14-inch boot opening is ideal for men with thick calves who need additional space. This design increases the comfort and wearability in these men's boots.

The Gore-Tex lining ensures the boots are waterproof for wet-weather hiking conditions. There are a full-length internal stabilizer and shock absorbing insoles. This design provides additional support for owners and minimizes the impact on their joints. The Vibram Vialta outsole increases grip and also reduces shock upon landing. Hikers have more stability and greater traction on all hiking terrains.

One reviewer notes the simple design and comfort of these boots makes them great for long trail hikes. Another reviewer indicates the quality of the boots is excellent. However, they do wear out quickly and the soles come apart. They're okay as long as they last.

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Lowa Tibet Superwarm GTX

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This pair of boots is 100 percent leather with a synthetic sole. The shaft measures seven inches from the bottom. This height provides a high level of ankle support. It also helps keep feet/ankles in place to prevent rolling and injuries. D-ring eyelets and speed lacing systems allow hikers to lace up quickly. These technologies also ensure the best fit for hikers, regardless of how tight/loose they like their boots.

A tongue and collar with additional padding make these boots comfortable for long periods of wear. The seamless and waterproof Gore-Tex lining keeps feet warm and dry in all conditions. The flex fit design and hard stabilizer insole provide additional levels of comfort for owners. The boots are sturdy and durable. They are comfortable and perfect for warm or cold hiking conditions.

One reviewer notes there's limited insulation in these boots. Additionally, they indicate their feet were sore after a couple of uses. The boots aren't as comfortable as the manufacturer advertises.

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Lora Renegade GTX Mid Ws

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These boots are 100 percent leather and have a Vibram outsole. The shaft measures 4.75 inches, providing a reasonable level of stability in the ankles. A 1.5-inch heel also gives wearers additional traction/stability on uneven terrain. On wet and muddy terrain, the boots are excellent at digging into the ground.

The boots have the lace-up speed system. This design makes it efficient for lacing boots when hikers are in a hurry.

The boots are about 1.3 pounds (each) and they have padding on the tongue and collar. This feature increases wearability and comfort for longer day hikes.

The Vialta sole by Vibram increases gripability and allows hikers to dig into the ground firmly. It prevents slipping on wet or muddy terrain or strenuous trail hikes. The Gore-Tex lining provides a waterproof finish and a breathable design for comfort. Reviewers appreciate that the boots are waterproof.

Additionally, they are durable and can withstand all hiking conditions and weather extremes.

One reviewer notes that they are lightweight and not as durable as most reviewers indicate. Another customer's experience wasn't that good with the boots. They note feeling a high level of discomfort after a short period of using these boots.

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Lowa Lady Light GTX

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The upper material is nubuck leather. This finish is breathable and durable. It can withstand the weather extremes in various hiking sites. The boots are lightweight, allowing for easy mobility on trails. They're also durable. They're waterproof as well, thanks to the Gore-Tex lining.

The secure lacing system allows owners to put their boots on quickly. A C4 tongue also anatomically conforms to the wearer's feet for the highest levels of comfort. The footbed has a breathable top layer. So owners feel comfortable and their feet can breathe easy when temperatures increase.

One reviewer indicates the boots fit comfortably for all-day wear.

The only major drawback of this product is the high price in comparison to other manufacturers boots.

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The Competition

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It's essential to consider competitors when selecting a new pair of boots. These are a couple of options for men and women to choose.

Men's Moab 2 MOTHER OF ALL BOOTS™ Mid Waterproof

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The boots are 100 percent leather. Additionally, they feature mesh panels throughout to help increase breathability and comfort. A synthetic sole allows wearers to dig into challenging terrain. Furthermore, the lug-traction helps minimize slipping on strenuous trail hikes. In addition to the lightweight design, the Merrell Air Cushion helps with shock absorption. It adds stability below the wearer's feet to give them greater control over difficult trails.

The boots have a molded nylon arch. A Vibram TC5 outsole also helps increase grip on uneven terrain. The closed-cell foam tongue increases wearability and comfort for long periods of use. And the boots are only about two pounds in weight, so it's relatively easy to move around while wearing them. Furthermore, reviewers indicate they're excellent for long hikes and wet hiking conditions.

Conversely, one reviewer notes these boots don't last long. The sole begins to break apart from the boot. This design defect detracts from the otherwise solid construction and quality of the boots.

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Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge™ Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The boot features a leather upper material finish. The outsole has a lug-design allowing hikers to easily climb off-trail or in muddy areas. This boot also has the Techlite lightweight midsole that's lightweight. It features a responsive base that helps minimize the impact on the knees and feet while hiking.

The Omni-Grip traction in the rubber outsole helps hikers stay upright in wet and muddy conditions. The shaft is five inches tall to provide a steady level of support for the ankle and heels. This high shaft design helps keep the heel in place during hikes to minimize injuries.

This customer indicates the boots are waterproof and fit exactly as the manufacturer describes. They are happy with the quality and overall comfort levels. Another reviewer, however, indicates the quality isn't as good. This reviewer notes that the heel and rubber sole are coming apart. The overall construction of the boot isn't as high quality as one would expect from Columbia.

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Hiking boots and cap

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Salomon Quest Prime GTX® W

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These boots have a 100 percent Gore-Tex lining. They feature suede and leather upper materials to increase durability and breathability. The boots are lightweight, so they're easy to mobilize in. They also have a toe-cap. This design feature protects feet from injuries on hiking trails.

The athletic design makes them extremely comfortable on all hiking trails. The lightweight nature of the boots allows women to move freely on difficult terrains.

A 4.75-inch shaft ensures stability in the ankles to prevent rolling or injuries. The Gore-Tex membrane helps increase breathability. With mesh paneling, wearers feel comfortable as temperatures rise on hiking trails. A Sensifit cradle helps stabilize feet to prevent injuries.

Reviewers note the boots are light, comfortable, and easy to mobilize in. Additionally, they provide traction on difficult terrains and uneven surfaces.

In one review, the customer indicates there are issues with the boot's sizing. Apart from this issue, they suggest the quality is superior to other hiking boots.

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The Best Men's and Women's Hiking Boots: Are Lowa Hiking Boots Better Than the Rest?

Lowa hiking boots are one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Quality, comfort, and design are some characteristics setting them apart from competitors. The gender-specific design also makes them perfect for all hikers and activity levels.

For men, the Lowa Tibet Superwarm GTX is an excellent boot. The durable outsole and quality leather finish ensure durability. They're lightweight and also feature an internal stabilizer. This design helps keep feet in line and prevents aches/pain during long hikes.

The boots also have a Gore-Tex lining to keep feet warm and dry in all weather conditions. D-ring eyelets and the quick lacing system makes it easy to put the boots on and take them off. And it ensures the most comfortable fit for hikers.

For women, the Salomon GTX is a great find. They're 100 percent waterproof. The boots also have a suede and leather texture for high levels of breathability.

The Gore-Tex lining keeps feet warm and dry in all hiking conditions. The lightweight design makes them great for mobility on hiking trails. Another critical point to note about this boot is the toe-cap.

It also protects wearers from injury on trails if they kick or hit unseen obstructions. The athletic design makes them comfortable and easy to mobilize in on all trail hiking conditions.


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