Is a Petzl Headlamp the Right Choice for Your Outdoor Excursions?

The Petzl TIKKA

You have the camping gear ready to go and your boots on. You mapped out the harshest hiking conditions and have all the necessary safety equipment in place. All you need to do when you arrive is turn on your Petzl headlamp to light the way. If you like tackling the toughest challenges in the dark, you need the right lighting with you at all times. Not only to help you see but also to ensure you and your camping partners are safe.

There are many unknowns on hiking trails and camping adventures. Even if you are camping in a familiar campground, there's no telling what dangers lie outside your comfortable camper. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for those unforeseeable situations. The best hiking gear will only get you so far if you can't see what's in front of you. Or 200 feet in front of you, for that matter. Bring a few spare batteries for the long journey ahead. Light the path in front of you with the best hands-free headlamp on your next trip.

Comparison Table

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Petzl Headlamp Varieties


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For those who are buying a new headlamp, there are four varieties of Petzl headlamps. These include classic, active, performance, and specialized. The headlamp consumers will choose depends on where you'll put them to use and how much lighting is necessary.

Classic Headlamps

Active Headlamps

Performance Headlamps

Specialized Headlamps

Disposable vs. Rechargeable Petzl Headlamp Batteries


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Headlamps are useful in many situations. From hiking or camping to fixing a car in the garage, your Petzl headlamp will light the way. Therefore, it's essential to select the right power option. Battery or rechargeable? Rechargeable batteries coupled with unique technologies typically provide greater illumination than those with disposable batteries. Disposable batteries, however, usually have a longer burn time. A disposable battery is easy to replace anywhere.

On the other hand, rechargeable batteries require some connection to recharge. Reusable batteries minimize waste since owners can recharge the battery and reuse it. In cold weather, rechargeable batteries tend to last longer.

The decision is solely up to you. When comparing battery power vs. rechargeable Petzl headlamps, personal use and preference are essential considerations. Additionally, where owners will use the headlamp will dictate which one is better for that situation. And the price is, of course, relevant in the decision-making process. Rechargeable headlamps are more expensive than battery-powered models. This distinction is something to add to the list of characteristics to consider when buying a headlamp.

How Much Is a New Petzl Headlamp

A Petzl headlamp varies significantly in price when comparing rechargeable and battery-powered lamps. Additionally, the series or type of headlamp consumers purchase will dictate pricing as well. Most product prices are $20 to $200.

Our Review: The Best Petzl Headlamp vs. the Competition

Petzl headlamps are one of the most well-known manufacturers. There are, however, other great brands to consider. In our headlamp review, we first consider the usability, brightness, and type of headlamp. We also focus on the comfort and ease of use. Because they are hands-free, operability and the ability to set different lighting options are also important.

Next, we look at the types of lighting. Strobe, pulse, red or blue light, high and low beams, and lumens were areas of focus. We also considered the differences between battery and rechargeable headlamps. Our last area of consideration in the review was pricing and consumer-rating/feedback. We chose products with the best ratings to compare against the top Petzl headlamps.

The Petzl Headlamps

As one of the leading manufacturers, there are several great products in the Petzl family. These are some of the best options to consider when comparing Petzl headlamps.

The Petzl TIKKA®

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A simple design and bright 200-lumen output make this an excellent headlamp for everyday wear. The simple design makes it easy to use for camping, garage work, running, or outdoor trekking. No matter what the adventure is, the adjustable headlamp is capable of helping you tackle it.

A broad and uniform beam is perfect for long distance viewing. The white light is excellent for close or proximate settings. There's also a red light setting on this headlamp for night vision. This light helps reduce strain on the eyes when it's on for long periods. An off/on switch makes it easy to access lighting when necessary. It is a hybrid Petzl headlamp, meaning it operates on battery or the CORE rechargeable pack.

In one review, the customer indicates the red light is excellent in dark overnight conditions. It reduces strain on the eyes while allowing you to see directly in front of you. The headlamp is easy to operate and adjust when necessary. One reviewer was upset that the headlamp didn't fit with their CORE battery pack. It isn't compatible with previous models.


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Using Bluetooth connectivity, owners can adjust and operate the headlamp using their smart devices. It has a maximum 300-lumen output, making it great for long-beam distance viewing. Reactive lighting technologies take the guesswork out of adjusting lumen levels. When it gets darker, the headlamp automatically adjusts.

The Petzl headlamp is also energy efficient. It has a longer burn time than other headlamps with such a high lumen output level. It's rechargeable, so there's no need to carry around multiple batteries. The two-part headband construction also makes it easy to adjust for every wearer.

The reactive lighting is a great feature. A reviewer writes that the headlamp automatically adjusts to every light condition. In addition to increasing battery life, it maximizes visibility in low-light settings. In another review, the customer indicates there are many bugs with the app and hardware. For the price, the reviewer suggests it isn't worth the issues of owning the Petzl headlamp.

Petzl PIXA® 3

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This headlamp produces a maximum of 100 lumens of output and has three adjustable modes (proximate, movement, focus). The standard lighting technology turns onto a reserve mode when battery power is low. Therefore, it automatically extends the battery life in situations where owners need to utilize lighting for long periods.

The Petzl headlamp operates on two AA batteries or LR06 batteries. There's an adjustable head strap also. For situations where it needs tightening or loosening, wearers can quickly adjust the strap. The design of the headlamp also makes it so that owners can wear it in multiple ways. It fits on helmets or directly on the head. Owners can also place it directly on the ground.

The extra mount for a helmet is an excellent feature. It's great for those who will use the headlamp for caving or while working. It's bright, easy to adjust, and the continuous light is perfect in different situations. One reviewer notes the connections of the headlamp were loose upon receipt.

They weren't able to use the features and lighting modes because of this.

Is a Petzl Headlamp for You?

Many great characteristics set Petzl apart from other competitors. However, there are other headlamps available for hiking, camping, and outdoor use.

Therefore, it's important to weigh the positive and negative aspects of Petzl headlamps before choosing one.


Of course, every headlamp will have different traits that distinguish them from others. Some of the common characteristics of Petzl headlamps include:

  • The option between battery or rechargeable headlamps
  • Overhead and round headband designs
  • Specific lighting modes including strobe or red lights
  • High lumens and beam distance for proximate and distant object visibility
  • Quality design and construction
  • Crash rating (meaning it can fall without breaking apart)


It's also worth noting some of the drawbacks of owning Petzl headlamps. Some of these include:

  • The lumen output of 100 or lower on some headlamps isn't ideal for distant visibility
  • Some headlamps don't have optional features like dimming
  • Not all headlamps have red or blue light settings
  • Head straps aren't easy to adjust
  • Petzl products are more expensive than competitors

Does the Competition Hold up Against Petzl?

For those who prefer a competitors product, or at least want to compare several products, other brands do exist. Consider some of these products when comparing Petzl and other headlamps for outdoor use.

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

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This headlamp is 1.75 inches high and 4.25 inches wide. It's the perfect size for adjusting it over the forehead to a comfortable position. The strap is soft and features a soft interior padding. This design helps ensure proper blood flow even at the tightest setting.

A quad-power LED produces up to 350 lumens of output. There's a blue, green, and red light setting on this headlamp. For nighttime viewing, these lights reduce sensitivities while increasing visibility. Dimming and strobe settings are excellent for hiking or cycling. These are perfect for SOS or emergencies to warn others you're in danger if necessary. The headlamp is waterproof in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Power tap technology and a lock mode also ensure the light stays on when you need it most.

In addition to the excellent lighting, one reviewer loves the green, blue, and red light options. Additionally, the waterproof rating makes it perfect for hiking or camping in rainy or wet conditions. For the price, it's unbeatable. A loud, continuous buzzing detracts from the wearability of this headlamp. The reviewer notes it doesn't stop buzzing and the noise becomes irritating.

Outdoor Pro Gear The Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp

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Spotlight settings, zooming, and a waterproof casing are a few characteristics that set this lamp apart from others. It has a comfortable overhead strap that's easy to adjust as well. It's shockproof, so it won't shut off if it falls onto the ground. With a runtime of up to 30 hours, the light's ready no matter when owners need it.

At up to 1,000-lumen output this is the most potent headlamp on the list. The lightweight design and ABS aluminum body are durable. The exterior waterproof housing also allows owners to wear it in the rain or muddy conditions.

One reviewer notes it produces a bright light at more than 250-feet away from their head. It's excellent in proximate and distant settings. With 1,000-lumen output, it dramatically exceeds some of the top brand name lamps for a fraction of the price. In another review, the customer suggests issues with consistency. This person notes that they got the headlamp to turn on once. However, after this, it wouldn't operate for them.

Princeton Tec Apex

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This series produces up to 550 lumens of output. It has an overhead band design to ensure the best fit and minimize movement on the wearer's head. The max light LED and four regulated ultra-bright LEDs produce a powerful spotlight. Owners can also adjust to a bright flood for long distance viewing.

The headlamp is waterproof and operates on four AAA batteries. At up to 150 hours of burn time, owners don't have to replace the battery often. Heatsink technologies allow the LED to burn longer without needing to replace the batteries regularly.

One reviewer indicates they like this headlamp because of the battery option. In addition to up to 150 hours of runtime, the batteries are readily accessible and affordable. Another suggests Princeton headlamps aren't as durable as they once were. This individual notes they had a 200-lumen headlamp model from this manufacturer that was superior to this one.

Does Petzl Outshine the Competition?

Which headlamp is right for you? The answer will vary given the types of activities you're going to use it for outside. In situations where you need lighting right in front of you, the TIKKA is an excellent headlamp. This headlamp is affordable and has the backing of the Petzl name. It has low-light settings as well as white and red light options. It has a fully adjustable headband.

Furthermore, it is a hybrid headband that operates on disposable batteries or the CORE rechargeable battery pack. It's easy to adjust, comfortable, and one of the most affordable headbands. For proximate lighting, camping, hiking, or outdoor activities, you can't go wrong with this product.

For distant viewing and long beam distance, the Outdoor Pro Gear headlamp is an excellent pick. With a 1,000-lumen output, it is nearly twice as powerful as the next headlamp. It's affordable and shockproof. It has a spotlight and dimming features. The overhead band design ensures it remains in place and doesn't move while hiking. Additionally, up to 30 hours of runtime guarantees the light is ready, no matter when you need it.


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